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Shotgun refurb

  • 28-09-2022 3:01pm
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    All, I'm looking for advice regarding a refurbishment of a o/u, which is probably approx. 1980s. I've had the gun a long time and it has lovely engravings so I don't mind the uneconomical expense of doing it up.

    Is there any where I can 1. get the barrels blued (marked and some rust showing) 2. Have a new stock and forend fitted? (current stock has marks all round and is too short for me).

    Likewise, tell me if I'm insane and I'll drop her into a dealers.


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    What make is it? Ardee Sports can do the barrels and tighten the action if necessary but you might find it easier to look for the same make and model being scrapped in a dealers and get the woodwork if its in better condition than your own. Otherwise, unless it's a premium make you will have problems getting replacement woodwork and you would have to go down the custom route which is expensive.

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    This is one of these,"How long is a piece of string" situations. For the barrels, I'd look about to see if someone can Dura or Cera koate them.You can get gun blue finishes that look like a 1st class blueing job these days,and are 100% more durable than blueing. Finding someone who can do a good hot blueing here is a question and it can be pricey too. The stock, Pat Sludds is the fellah to see about shotgun stocks here and it is possible to add on some length to the stock by grafting on an extension if you don't mind a mismatched grain pattern.He'd also be able to advise you on the fore-end and the marks and whats an economical option

    The marks, depending on how old or deep can be removed by refinishing the stock,or steaming the area with a clothes iron and a wet cloth if they are gouges in some cases.Its a question of taste,but for some guns why be upset about them?They all tell a story in guns life,and this obviously wasn't a gun-safe Queen from the get-go,its no shame to have them on it.

    My 2 c

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    John conroy to re do the barrels and pat sludds if he is still open for the woodwork.