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Suckler cow with Mastitis

  • 23-09-2022 7:51pm
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    Noticed a suckler here with mastitis this evening. I was walking by her this evening and noticed one teat pointing to one side. I milked her a bit in the field and some pure white thick stuff came out. Her quarter is rock hard. She doesn't seem sick in herself. She's calved about 3 months. She's my best cow too, a pedigree.

    What's the best treatment? Should I put her in and keep milking out the quarter? I've no real experience of dealing with mastitis.



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    Have one myself the same. Strip it fully, massage elder and get as much out as possible every day and tube it. After you tube it hold the tip of the test and try to work the stuff you have put in up into the elder. Do that for 3-6 days.

    Was using synolox tube and didn’t find them great. Got other ones and the seems to work instantly. Will check name later when in shed.

    Assume there is damage done and the test could be best case reduced milk.

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    Likely a Crush job as she might be sore for the first few days till some of the pressure is off it.

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    That what I used this week. The Synolox is only a 3gram tube I think and that’s 10g so maybe that’s the big difference!

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    Milk her out for a week, tube her after milking out for 3 or 4 days.

    She'll probably lose the quarter, i've rarely been able to save it.

    She'll probably milk just fine on 3 spins, have one or 2 cows here that have lost quarters and you would'nt know it in the calf's they rear.

    Torture of a year for mastitis, i've had 2 heifers and 2 cows so far.

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    Also if possible keep the calf away from her for an hour or two after tubing her.

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    Cheers guys. I have Synulox tubes here. I milk her out tomorrow morning.


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    Give her a shot of anti inflammatory too when you have her in. Take the tenderness out of it for her.

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    Do you have cheno unction or similar always found it good for getting rid of swelling. It will help with getting her strigged out fully too

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    I wouldn’t rate them at all in comparison to Synulox but would be working with milkers, not sucklers.

    Echoing what’s already said ,draw it out if she’ll let you, And a course of anti inflammatory.

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    Should be no difference dairy to sucklers. Maybe it was the Synolox the first two days that did the job we only had two tubes of it to hand then picked up the other stuff and thought it seems to clear very well the day after the first tube.

    She is was half marked for culling next Autumn as she is a little wild (a lot wild compared to most of our cows) and I am woking on getting rid of that element from our small herd. This cements her fate as I assume the 1/4 all but lost.

    Our one and only heifer for the year calved yesterday. Lm4217. Such a pleasure to calf down quiet cattle. To be able to walk down and her not move away, allow you help the calf to suck, spray navel etc.

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    There is a considerable difference though, Probably because mastitis in a dairy animal will be picked up much quicker. Unless it was e.coli mastitis, It's very rare a milker would lose a quarter. It would be rare to save the quarter in a case like the one mentioned in the opening post.

    Edit: Worth noting both have different active ingredients so It may be the case I was lucky in what I had to hand at the time.