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Primary teacher lunchtime - 2 queries

  • 14-09-2022 7:47pm
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    (1)An INTO FAQ document indicates that a primary school teacher is entitled to a 30 mins lunch break and is not required to remain on school premises during that time. Does anybody know if this is specified in a DES circular anywhere? I have tried searching to no avail.

    (2)In searching for (1), I did come across circular 0033/2013 which speaks of primary teachers being paid for lunchtime supervision. Is this still the case?



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    Are you sure that the document you are referring is applicable to the Republic of Ireland?

    This issue arose previously among my own colleagues and it transpired that the teacher in question had gotten their information from the Northern Ireland section of the INTO website. Different rules apply in the Republic of Ireland and I'm quite certain teachers do not have an entitlement to a 30 minute break

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    No - I am not sure! But that is an interesting point you raise re the difference in NI. I remember investigating job-sharing at one stage and in NI the INTO had negotiated any arrangement in job-sharing ie the post-holder could opt to take a 60/40 split, 80/20 spilt etc whereas in the RoI the only option is 50/50. Also in NI principals could also apply to job-share which is not possible in the RoI.

    But I digress! If anyone has any info on the lunchtime entitlements of primary teachers in terms of minutes available for lunch in the RoI or if anyone knows if circular 0033/2013 re paid lunchtime supervision is still applicable, I would be delighted to hear. The INTO will only answer queries if you are a member and their website articles are almost always restricted apart from the first line or 2 of the document (unlike the ASTI website which shares its articles to all).

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    You might get more replies in the Teaching and Lecturing Forum

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    I imagine teachers are only legally entitled to a 15 minute break as the day isn’t quite 6 hrs - obviously the nature of our job is so different to average office workers and it’s not like any teacher only works for that length of time. I also don’t know how small schools get around that with all the lunch duty they must do.

    I don’t stay on the premises for my breaks…never heard anywhere that teachers have to stay in the school?

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    Many thanks for the reply. I have posted my query on the Teaching and Lecturing forum also as suggested above but no success. I would have thought it was a very straightforward question but I am beginning to think that the lack of responses suggests it's maybe a thorny area or something?

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    Pupils are entitled to 40-minutes of breaks during the school day.

    Most schools take 10 minutes small break - 30 minutes big break (lunch)...some take 20 minutes for each break.

    Circulars - No mention of what breaks teachers are entitled to...they have to do yard duty during some breaks (roster).

    Yard supervision payments are gone...they have now been incorporated into the salary.