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Can anyone explain this to me?

  • 14-09-2022 5:04pm
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    Seven TDs declare rental properties but no landlord income on Dáil register

    Does this article essentially say that these politicians properties are registered as rental properties, but they don't declare any rental income from them, and obviously don't pay tax on any rental income (if they are being rented out, contrary to what they have stated) Apologies if it's obvious, I just think it's so shocking, it can't be this easy for them?


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    The article is only about the TDs declaration of interests. In their declaration of interests they are supposed to list property interests and rental income over €2600. 8 TDs listed that they owned property, but did not declare income on the declaration of interests.

    It means they either have a rental property that is being left vacant, a rental property where they are allowing someone (say a relative) to stay rent free (or at a very low rate), or (as is most likely) they filled in the declaration of interests incorrectly.

    It does not mean they are not tax compliant. It more than likely just means they didn't complete their form correctly.

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    "It more than likely just means they didn't complete their form correctly."

    Thats a very polite way of saying they lied on the form.

  • Registered Users Posts: 647 ✭✭✭houseyhouse

    Did you read the article? At least one TD was saying that information they completed on the physical form hasn’t been entered into the online database.

  • Registered Users Posts: 687 ✭✭✭dontmindme

    Is there any sanction for not filling out the form correctly or declaring you interests/income? If not, sure what does anyone expect?

  • Registered Users Posts: 346 ✭✭Auld Jim Halpin

    It's been hearsay and rumour for many years that TD's are very much invested in the property rental sector and that many government decisions are made in favour of this vested interest . The recent stories on this same topic now prove there is much truth in the rumours and yet we allow it to go on. That's corruption right there if you could prove that a criminal offence has taken place as opposed to "I forgot to fill out the forms". The reason they do this is because they have inside information on how the system works and where it can be exploited and how not to get "caught". This is probably one of the main reasons that many individuals choose to become TD's in the first place, a nice seat on the gravy train and an electorate that so far has not insisted on the highest standard of ethics for this well paid important job.

    It may seem that this corrupt practice has not very far reaching effects beyond the landlord and tenant but the complete shambles that is our housing crisis is built on this type of corruption.

    We had similar rumours on the carry on of some clergy for decades that also we turned a blind eye to that also and now look at the mess it left behind.

    If it was me in charge I'd fire every last one of them and we'd soon have a government cabinet worthy of the office and finally a chance to progress as a nation instead of the current rot and stagnation.

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    Not really when you have a recent case of a politician who sold a property to a local authority 4 or 5 years ago, and despite increases in the market over that time, no comparable house has made the same over that time period.

    Was it the same politician, or a different one, who was also shown to have been using Dail to ask questions related to rules that affected them directly, without having disclosed same?

    If you elect a politician to represent the community interest, then you'd be entitled to be pis$ed off if that politician instead uses up all their time on trying to improve only their own financial interests.

  • Registered Users Posts: 418 ✭✭HerrKapitan

    Please explain why "it's more than likely just means they didn't complete their form correctly"

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    There are 3 logical possibilities.

    Possibility 1 - they were inept or careless or there was an admin error. i.e. there was a mistake

    Possibility 2 - they were accurate and truthful. They are charging rent below 2,600 or leaving the property vacant etc.

    Possibility 3 - they were deliberately trying to mislead or hide something.

    If you are going for possibility 3, then declaring you own a rental property, and not declaring the rental income, is a poor attempt to mislead. Of all the politicians I've met, I wouldn't rate many as the brightest bulb in the pack, but I never met any that would be this stupid - especially not 8 of them.

    As for Possibility 2. Maybe in 1 or 2 cases, but 8 landlords leaving rental property vacant out of less than 50. I reckon thats also unlikely.

    This leave possibility 1. In my view, thats the most likely explanation.

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