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Tesla Powerwall finally switching to LiFePO4

  • 08-09-2022 10:24pm
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    Ridiculous it took this long. Finally a safe chemistry, so now they can be installed inside homes, this will remove the need to the silly internal heater, usurping much / all of the savings of having the powerwall in winter in the first place. Elephant in the room, not that many people know this - you will never hear a Tesla fanboi about this 😂

    It will hopefully alleviate the huge outstanding order list as LiFePO4 is far more easily available to buy. It will also last a lot longer and there is totally no need for the higher density of their lithium ternary chemistry. It's a stationary application! They even stick LiFePO4 into their cheaper cars these days, also a good development


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    This Could be bad news to anyone trying to buy a battery today... prices are peaking. I have seen 5kwh batteries quoted for 5k euro.

    But yeah good news long term, hopefully if the industry focuses on one type of tech they will eventually saturate the market and bring down prices.

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    Everything electronic is in short supply and this won't ease for a while. The greatest shortages are on stuff like renewables, PV panels and inverters, etc. As the energy crisis all of a sudden has made every woman, man and child jump up and want to install PV. Which is a good thing, but there simply isn't the supply for it. Same with EVs. Not enough worldwide production capacity and it will be years before that is sorted.

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    That's a great development. Powerwalls should be DC, this is the only thing that makes sense. Additionally, now they shouyld be compliant to install in Ireland. Up to now as an AC battery it counted towards your NC6 limit.

    Wonder if/when we'll get them here!

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    A powerwall can only be DC if it is attached to a PV inverter 😂

    Nothing inherently wrong with an AC side powerwall, except more roundtrip losses for charging that comes from PV. If you don't have PV or for any peak shifting, it makes no difference.

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    Does that mean an AC coupled Inverter (ME300) counts as an inverter for NC6 purposes? (excuse my ignorance)

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    My understanding is that anything that provides AC power counts towards the allowance. AC coupling disconnects the second inverter from the grid, no? So it wouldnt count? I really am unsure about ac coupled inverters.

    If the flow energy left to right is ac coupled inverter -> main inverter -> grid backfeed then the ac coupled inverter is covered by the main inverter and wouldnt count (ie the coupled inverter cannot directly backfeed the grid)

    Again, commenting based on my primitive understanding of the regs and would stand to be corrected

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    Well let me paraphrase, there are some with a 6kW string inverter and a totally separate Sofar ME3000 AC (battery inverter) ~3kW. This would total 9kW.

    If it was sunny May and one of these folk turned on the electric shower and a kettle then the full 9kW would be supplied to the house.

    I think you can see where we are going with this so perhaps not the time to interpret the regs and create an issue that is not foreseen in the Regs. In any case this is a Tesla PW thread.

    Tesla PW is a thing of beauty with seamless intergradation into the Tesla App but at HUGE cost, if I was loaded I'd go for it but then again if I was loaded I'd just pay the grid electricity charge so I've never seen the appeal (apart from Grid failure).

    You could have countless DIY battery packs for significantly less outlay with App control e.g. a pair of ME3000's with the Amps ramped up

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    NC6 is for export to the grid only, though, not for what's in the house. It's an export limit.

    Agree on the powerwall. It's so clean looking and I'd love to have one. If they offer them here I will hopefully buy one.

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    Yes. AC side inverters like the Tesla Powerwall and the Sofar ME3000SP add up to your total inverter power on planet ESB. So if you have a 6kW inverter and a 3kW ME3000SP, your inverter powah is 9kW