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RTB register check - how reliable?

  • 24-08-2022 9:31pm
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    I'm thinking of buying a house now and I've found one that I think is what passes for value in these inflationary times. The property is clearly vacant but I have no information about the previous status. Est.Agent says it's being sold by the owner but it's location and condition shouts rental property.

    Anyway, I've checked both the eircode and the associated address in the RTB database and got a "no record" result.

    Does anyone know if that's enough of a guarantee that there's no previous rental agreement for the property?

    If I were to try to register a new tenancy agreement for that address is it possible that the RTB will discover a record for the address which has a typo or some punctuation difference or an 'á'?

    In other words, how reliable is the register? Does it correspond exactly to the official eircode address?


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    It's not reliable at all. Typos abound (due to whats submitted by the landlord) and plenty of houses are registered but don't appear on the search.

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    Not at all, as I encountered last week. Unit in question was long term registered, as confirmed by the RTB but try as I might I could not find it on the register.

    Take an address of 1 Main Street, it could be listed as:

    1 Main Street

    1 Main St.

    1 Main St

    No. 1 Main Street

    No. 1 Main St.

    No. 1 Main St

    No 1 Main Street

    No 1 Main St.

    No 1 Main St

    Number 1 Main Street

    Number 1 Main St.

    Number 1 Main St

    #1 Main Street

    #1 Main St.

    #1 Main St

    Now multiply that by 10, 20, 100+ addresses on any street or in any development and there's no consistency at all. And that's before you get to typos!

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    It's actually disgracefully unreliable in this day and age. No attempt to update with the likes of eircodes available etc.

    If you were to proceed it's something I would be getting my solicitor to request written confirmation of. Maybe a casual chat with a neighbour could assist.

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    It's a joke really - they need to start using eircodes - granted not much good historicilly but would tidy things up. Same with the property price register - often very difficult to find a property due to variations of spelling/misspelling etc.

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    Thanks. So you had to register what you regarded as the correct/official address and wait for them to do a manual check? 🙄

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  • Registered Users Posts: 16 Diajocon

  • Registered Users Posts: 16 Diajocon

    Yes. My solicitor says it's part of the checklist that's completed when contracts are exchanged, but I'd rather not wait until that stage to find out. Thanks 👍

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    Never been able to find things I know are registered with the RTB.