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Issue with Nintendo and their repairs.

  • 17-08-2022 7:50pm
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    bought a Switch for my son in May 2020.

    In December it developed an issue with taking a came card and outputting to TV with its dock.

    Comes with a 2 year warranty. Brought it back to where I bought it. The refused to accept it for a return. Said it was outside their 1 year warranty. Asked to speak to a manager, mentioned the 2 year warranty, sales of goods acts etc but she refused to budge and wouldn't accept it for one of the three Rs. Insisted i return it to Nintendo.

    it's been returned to Nintendo 5 times and the issue still remains. They have even forced me pay for a repair on the item as it's out of warranty.

    so pissed off but where do I stand. Nintendo returns in Ireland is via the UK. The company I bought it off is Irish and it was through a bricks and mortar shop.

    is the small claims open to me and if so who should I be going after?


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    That should be December 2021.

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    Had a similar issue with game stop with a faulty nintendo pad.

    Get on to nintendo chat, talk to them. They will either offer to sort it or refer you to thevretailer. Then go to the retailers online chat and go through the same rigmarole, they should offer to 3 x r's. Then take that to the store. No harm ringing ahead to speak to manager and sorting it over phone and printing the 2 chats to bring in with you.

    My case, local store said no, nintendo said store, store's head office said it should be covered, store asked what i wanted offered a whole new console in a huff which i gladly took because they were dicks.

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    The intial contact with the store was in Dec 21. Its now august 2022 and the 2 year warrant was up in May 2022. This is where I think the waters are muddied

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    Do you have proof of the contact? email, phone log, name of person you spoke too, etc.

    In my case it was nearly a full 2 years... just follow above steps and you should get sorted.

    Outline what you have done when you are talking to store's HQ and tag on a complaint that you had been ignored for 5 months too.

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    Your warranty is with the manufacturer. However you also have a 2 year guarantee with the manufacturer through EU law, which kicks in at the time of sale. Not sure how this works with Brexit if Nintendo are acting as a UK company.

    However you are covered by the sale of goods act in Ireland. What this says is that the item you buy should be fit for purpose and last for it's intended lifetime or for a reasonable time. It's very open to interpretation which is good for the consumer. This would cover your contract with the seller so you would go to them for the 3Rs. Companies however will fob you off about this as much as possible. The Switch is still a viable system so should be working until it is discontinued.

    Ask to see a manager and bring up the Irish sale of goods act. If they don't budge say you will have to take them to the small claims court. If they still don't budge then go to the small claims court. You will have a very good chance of winning your claim.

    This came up a lot with the XBox 360 and PS3 issues. I advised a lot of people to do this. They all went to the small claims court and won and retailers just didn't bother showing up after a while as they knew their loss was inevitable. You just have to make sure that the issue isn't due to excessive wear and tear.

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