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Changing security situation for Ireland


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    I haven’t explored it but good people are taking about it

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    The sense of a changed situation has begun to impact on thinking. Poll shows shift in public perception on defense alliance

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    One thing that’s always bugged me about security here is we should always have a visible armed response at all airports, ports and main train stations.

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    look the olden days of newtrality are gone ireland has to do its part if putin tries too attack europe

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    we're in csdp for that.

    nato can fuk right off.

    also the myth of russia has been debunked, they're shi.t.

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    To what end realistically? I mean if the international security situation degrades to the point of there being hostile forces in the free 26, then Europe has already fallen and even a PDF funded and equiped to and beyond its wildest dreams would be utterly futile and helpless.

    An open confrontation with armour and infantry would be a suicide mission, even against an invader depleted by fighting its way across Europe.

    I think our defence forces should be organised, insofar as their military affairs are concerned, to specialise in gureilla warfare against a hostile force. Large armoured vehicles, ships, bases, air defence assets are very expensive sitting ducks against a well resourced invader. A geurilla force however, can melt into the ether, remaining concealed until opportunities present themselves. A gureilla force can pick and choose when to engage.

    So DF operational units should be structured as columns with the main weaponry being small arms, MANPADS, shoulder lauched anti armour missiles, off-route anti armour mines, drones for scouting, kamakaze drones, and plenty lightly armoured and unmarked versions of everyday vehicles so that they will blend into the background and not stick out like sitting ducks.

    The idea being defence in depth. Let the invaders in. Then attack them shoot & scoot style out of the ether with ambushes, booby traps, remotely triggered mines, assassinations terror weapons (such as hell cannons, massive blasts truck bombs)etc. The objective being not to defeat them militarily, but to terrorise and demoralise them enough to break their resolve to fight. They might occupy territory, but the would not control it.

    there would need to be a structure to deposit extensive concealed materiel dumps throughout the countryside to be used by columns.

  • For a defence force to be needed, the UK and France would have already fallen.. and we'd be facing a far superior force, capable of bombing us into the stone age. And where is this powerful enemy going to come from?

    Russia has shown itself completely inadequately prepared for a war in Eastern Europe, never mind being able to finish off both the UK and France before turning it's attention to Ireland. And why would they bother? It's not as if we have any resources or capabilities to make us a desired target for occupation. Nor do they have the population required to commit as troops for an occupation of all Europe.

    Maybe the UK goes militant and decides to invade Ireland... but nothing we could do would provide a force capable of countering British superiority in the air, navy, or the ground. Occupation would be a nightmare for them, and the US would likely get involved at some point due to the presence of Irish descendants in their lobby groups.

    I don't see it. The most our defence forces would be required to deal with is trafficking (human/drug), and counter-terrorism. Beyond that, it's a waste of money, and just an exercise to show virtue by contributing something incredibly minor to the other big powers around us.

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    We have 8751 people in our defence forces. 590 of those roughly are on peacekeeping missions overseas.

    no attack aircraft… no air defence or attack capability.

    around 80 Mowag tanks, many of which are overseas with our troops on peacekeeping missions. We’d be lucky to have 50 left.

    the ‘olden days’ of neutrality are not gone. Simply because we do not have the resources, infrastructure, personnel, money to become non neutral.

    if Putin attacks the EU…

    we’ve no attack aircraft..ZERO..

    We have 6 maritime patrol vessels, ‘patrol’ vessels with limited weapons capability….they’d get blown to fûck.

    Us sending 1000 troops to the front line of any fight ? Be like throwing a marble in the ocean… have zero impact.

    all very well us saying we need to ‘do our bit’ … be like telling the Cavan footballers with 8 players to go win the All Ireland..

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    The problem is really that we don’t take ourselves seriously as a country, as an independent state. And the people we have elected time and again want it like that and promote it like that. Like the man said, once you see it you can’t unsee it.

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    yeah they're trolling nato.

    and nato responded.

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  • Sure, we do. An independent state doesn't need to aggressively protect it's borders.

    Anyway, what threat is a Russian ship to Ireland? Why would Russia want to attack/invade this country? We have nothing any other nation would want..

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