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Does this sound legal - Remediation work in an apartment complex

  • 01-08-2022 11:32pm
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    A funds company own some apartments in a complex.

    They implemented remediation work to their apartments without bringing it to the board or AMG beforehand.

    Some of their employees sit on the board and join the AGM and never mentioned a word of it beforehand.

    They would have got tax breaks etc and probably paid minimum for this work to their apartments.

    After the work was done, they then brought it to the board and tried to push it through by telling the board

    of directors that they are legally obligated to act in the best interest of the OMC and must implement the work for the rest of the apartments.

    The rest of the apartment owners were going to have to pay full price with no access to any funding.

    They were trying to push this through without telling any of the owners about it, just the directors on the board and the management company.

    There was no vote on the board about it, the Director of the Management company was calling the shots on it and trying to force the issue to get it done.

    Is this legal, I would have thought that if they were acting in the best interest of the OMC that they would have brought their remediation work

    to the AGM before they implemented it. But it wasn't in their interest to do that so they cherry picked what to bring to the AGM and board so that

    they didn't have to share the costs with the private owners.

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