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Shed Build

  • 28-07-2022 7:36pm
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    Hi all,

    I've recently purchased a property on which I'd like to build a shed roughly 10m x 10m size. The shed would be used for working on vehicles (cars, small boats), as a general hobby space, and it will include a small office in one corner. The building would need to be insulated.

    The likes of Steeltech Sheds have a 6m width limit before their prices drastically increase (presumably as parts cannot be prefabricated and assembled on site). I'm sure they are charging a premium as their sheds are easy on the eye too - not a priority of mine.

    My question - are sheds in the agricultural world generally self-built, or are there companies you could recommend to supply and erect a shed such as the one I have described? If so, is insulation ever used on such buildings on a farm - e.g. for lambing or anything like that? 

    Please excuse my ignorance, and thanks a lot in advance for any tips!


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    What part of the country are you in?

    No two builders are alike in my experience. Some will do sheds only, others will do houses only, and most will have a go at anything if the money is right!

    Ask someone in your area to recommend any builder at all. If he says he can’t do it, ask him to recommend someone who does. And so the stress/building goes on.

    Insulation wouldn’t really be used in farm buildings but any builder worth his salt should be able to put up insulated slabs on the interior. Or would you be looking for cavity walls with insulation injected into it? Again, your local builder should be able to price this

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    It's not a large she's. Are you blocking the wall or sheeting down to the floor. You can buy insulated panels yourself and fit them.

    SRS in kilkenny supply and erect sheds.

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    Buy a bolt together shed in the north 40x25, shop around for cladding.

    Buy some extra layers of clothes in the winter, create a insulated section for your office.

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    Thanks a lot for the responses lads. I was hoping to sheet down to the floor for speed's sake. Is there a particular benefit for blocking the walls? Will take a look at SRS.

    @Gant21, would you have any suggestions as to suppliers in the north?

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    I'm based in Cork. My original idea was to build a basic steel shed and then just insulate it myself. Steeltech recommended not doing this (as the inside of their cladding is covered in a 'non-drip' surface), but again - they're probably not in the business of making things too affordable when they have their own insulated option. Thanks a lot for your response!

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    You should have solid walls up to around 6' for security and to hang shelving/tools from. You have a multitude of option as how to go about this. You could go for cavity walls to a certain height and then insulated tin to the eaves and on roof. Single skin block wall with internal/external insulation board attached. Prestressed mass concrete walls with insulation board attached.

    You'd be best asking a QA to price up a few options as it might be that pumped cavity walls and lean-to roof is the best option - a more residential style of build that blends in with your property more sympathetically. If you are spending long amounts of time in it then it makes more sense to spec it up. If it is just weekend tinkering then you can downgrade and opt for a more agri spec.

    You can get spray insultation for tin - similar to that stuff they spray in attics. Not sure if I'd opt for it over pre insulated tin - depends on cost.

    Do you have any concerns/issues with it blending in with your property?

    Suppliers should be able to give you a list of who can put up a shed for you. Bear in mind that the more you veer towards residential style the less suitable dedicated shed erecters would be.

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    Thanks a lot funkey_monkey - I'll do a bit of further investigation into the various 6' block options. I'm planning on spending a lot of time in there, and especially during the winter months when working outside is less of an option. The site is laid out such that the building would be barely visible from the house (or the road), so blending in with the house is not a concern for me. I will need to speak with the local planning office to see if it would be of a concern for them though.

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    You probably will need planning.

    25sqm is the biggest you can go without planning outside of exempted agricultural buildings.

    Regarding the insulation. The brother has a 40x30ft shed that has 100mm insulated sheets on it.

    An roller shutter door on it not insulated. And no heating in it .

    In the summer it holds out the heat.

    In the winter its definately a touch warmer than outside but if i was putting an office in it to work in i would build a well insulated block for that

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    As this has come back up again - I mentioned spray insulation. Avoid this as there was something recently in news about mortgage refusals on properties with spray insulation. To do with them not allowing the roof to breath and preventing inspection of the roof integrity.

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    OP could use steel purlins and spray insulation over them.

    OP 10m x 10m is a bit of an odd size, you might get the shed a bit cheaper if it was longer and narrower, eg, 15m x 7m. I don't know the specs for steel sizes for various lengths/spans etc, just something you might want to look into if you want to avoid pillars in the floor space and keep costs down.

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    Diesel/kerosene heater is probably a better option than insulation unless you're looking to keep the heat out in summer also.