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MyEnergi EcoSystem - Adding Solar PV, Adding Eddi, mixing How CT Clamps are connected with the syste

  • 21-07-2022 3:58pm
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    Hi Everyone.

    I'm hoping someone might be able to provide some feedback with my potential configuration options please. I'm a little technically proficient - not a lot, so bear with me please if I misunderstand or use wrong terminology :-)

    My existing setup for the last few years has been working great.

    Its a Zappi Version 1, Hub, Harvi and MyEnergi App.

    Zappi is installed on outside wall of house next to the electricity supplier incoming mains meter box.

    Zappi is directly connected to my internal consumer fuseboard via 40A RCB.

    Harvi is located inside the electricity supplier incoming mains meter box.

    The CT Clamp (CT1) that came with the Zappi is connected to the incoming supplier mains live cable & back into the Harvi.

    Zappi gets its CT1 Clamp information wirlessly via the Harvi.

    As I mentioned - all working fine for years & performing / doing what I expected it to do via the MyEnergi App etc..

    Now some updated background information & to my questions please...

    I just had a Solar PV Array installed yesterday with DC battery storage. (I'm not concerned about that DC battery appearing in the MyEnergi Eco System/App as I understand there is a limitation there).

    I will be getting an Eddi installed (I think it will be more recent type with built in WiFi).

    I need both the Zappi Version 1 I have already & the new Eddi I'll be getting, to be able to 'see' my solar PV generation & so the solar PV generation will be reported & displayed in the MyEnergi App I have & it'll give me more options for configuring my Zappi to only charge when excess solar available etc...

    Question 1

    I wanted to ask if I can retain what have in place already - eg CT1 Clamp connected from my mains incoming live supply cable connected into the Harvi (& I know the Harvi reports that data wirelessly to my Zappi Version 1 as it has being dong that for years) - will it report it wirelessly to the new Eddi I plan to have installed as well ? and on the Eddi it will be set as CT1 ? My Zappi remain as the Master device as it is now ?

    Question 2

    I know I the Eddi will come with its own CT Clamp.

    Can I connect that CT clamp as a clamp around the AC Live Output Generation Cable from my Solar Inverter and can I hard wire it into the Eddi as CT 2 and will my Solar Generation then be seen by both my existing Zappi Version 1 & the new Eddi ? Do I now set this on the Zappi Version 1 & the Eddi as CT 2 ?

    I was not sure if its possible to mix how the CT Clamps are connected & used in a MyEnergi Device Ecosystem.

    I'm hoping its ok to have 1 CT Clamp physically connected to the Harvi & then have that data seen wirelessly by the Zappi, Eddi as CT 1 etc..

    I'm hoping its ok to have a 2nd CT Clamp (to measure the Solar Generation) hard wired into the CT2 input of the Eddi & then that CT 2 PV generation data being visible to both the Eddi & the Zappi (presume by setting up the Zappi to connect to see CT2 if that is possible ?)

    Hopefully I've explained what I'm trying to achieve - its because its too awkward for me to get a CT Clamp cable connected from the solar PV generation location to the existing Harvi location. I'm basically asking if I can just connect that CT2 from the solar generation to the Eddi (instead of running it all the way back to the harvi) & that if I do that, the CT2 data will be seen by the Zappi Version 1, the Eddi & the MyEnergi App etc..

    Question 3

    If I get the newer Eddi hardware with the built in WiFi, as I have a Hub, Harvi, & older Zappi already - Can I just not use the WiFi/Hub part of the Eddi & connect it into my existing network of MyEnergi devices using its standard radio (not wifi).. ? 

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm learning & want to be able to guide the installer of my Eddi device appropriately in terms of how my system can be setup.

    Thank you,


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    So to answer some of your questions, I believe the setup can work as you want it to

    The Eddi communicates with other MyEnergi products over the same radio link the Harvi uses

    So you'll need to pair it to your Zappi and set the device priority so that the excess solar will be allocated the way you want

    In terms of the CT clamps, there's an option in the Zappi and Eddi to define what each clamp is used for (see screenshot)

    You'll want yours to be Gen & Battery so the Eddi knows it's measuring your PV generation

    Once the CT settings are done on the Eddi and it's paired with the Zappi and Harvi, they'll work together to measure the excess solar and divert it as needed

    As to your last question regarding how the new Eddi will work with a Zappi v1, I'd recommend contacting MyEnergi support for a definitive answer

    Their support is generally very good at answering technical questions

    "The internet never fails to misremember" - Sebastian Ruiz, aka Frost

  • Registered Users Posts: 616 ✭✭✭bonoman66

    Thank you for sharing that info.

    I'm trying to learn as fast as I can so I'm best positioned to know what should work when the installer arrives with the Eddi etc..

    You've been a great help.

    Yep - Think I'll be ok.

    I'll have my existing Zappi Version 1 setup as the Master & connected to CT1 (Grid) Via the Harvi Wireless Link (as it is setup right now).

    I'll ask the installer to physically connect the CT Clap that comes with the Eddi to the Eddi's CT2 Input & the other end of the CT2 Clamp will go around the Live AC Output from the Solar Generation (Inverter I think - I'll check with installer).

    Then on the Eddi I'll setup CT1 as Grid through linked devices - choosing the Harvi as source of CT1 etc..

    Then on Zappi Version 1, I'll setup CT 2 there as Generation (Or Generation & Battery - I'll have to check this optino out a bit more as the MyEnergi Ecosystem can't measure Dc Coupled Batteries from 3rd Parties as far as I know with my limtde knowledge to date) with it coming as a source from the Eddi in linked devices on teh Zappi version 1 etc..

    So if that all works it'll mean both the Eddi & Zappi will 'see' the grid through CT1 & both the Zappi & Eddi will 'see' the Solar PV Generaton & I'll be able to both prioritize them as needed & change priority easily on the My Energi App & also set limits as to when they charge via potential excess available solar generated energy.

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,357 ✭✭✭✭the_amazing_raisin

    I think you mixed up the Zappi and Eddi in the CT config you mentioned 😁

    So one thing to bear in mind is that one device (Zappi or Eddi) will be the Master device and some things can only be set from there, the Grid limit being the main one

    It doesn't matter which you chose as master, it's generally recommended to use the easiest one to access as master

    Also, you only need to configure the CT on the device it's connected to

    Assuming that the Zappi is the master device you want to configure the Harvi through that. Set Harvi CT1 to "Grid" and set the Grid limit to your main fuse value for your house, or a little lower if you want some headroom

    On your Eddi you'll want to configure CT2 (you can actually use either but the examples always use CT2) to "Generation & Battery"

    Once that is done, all the devices should be able to see the grid consumption and PV generation and act accordingly

    "The internet never fails to misremember" - Sebastian Ruiz, aka Frost

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,357 ✭✭✭✭the_amazing_raisin

    Also, just to emphasise, the MyEnergi support guys are great, you should feel free to contact them and describe your setup. They might have additional information or advice for you

    "The internet never fails to misremember" - Sebastian Ruiz, aka Frost

  • Registered Users Posts: 616 ✭✭✭bonoman66

    Thanks - yes, I ended up calling them yesterday & they verified I could mix how I connect the CT Clamps (eg CT 1 clamp going to Harvi for Grid & that setup on Zappi - it being Master) & the Solar Generation CT 2 Clamp connected physically to the Eddi etc.. Appreciate your help & advice. Cheers.

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