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CO offer or stay where I am?

  • 21-07-2022 10:34am
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    I’m currently working for a private company part time, I don’t like the current role but there are a lot of different departments so I could probably move although they don’t offer a lot of part time positions. It’s a nice company to work for other than the department Im in right now.

    Ive just been offered a clerical officer role with the ETB at the sligo ATU part time also. It’s a small team and a big pay cut but it means getting a foot in the door in a CO role.

    Both roles contract and both same driving distance. Any advice as I’m completely 50/50 and need to speak to current employer tomorrow.


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    Double post

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    I wouldn't take it as a basis of "getting the foot in the door".

    However, if you think you would prefer:

    1) the stability

    2) the work

    3) the location

    4) the hours

    then it's definitely worth considering.

    You are right to consider the financial implications of taking a lower salary - don't forget you will have compulsory pension deductions so that will impact your take home too.

    If your personal circumstances allow for the reduced salary (other household incomes, no mortgage, no kid expenses etc), then changing jobs for a lower salary can be a prudent decision.

    I did it myself, many years ago. I took a €10k paycut for a job role that eliminated a 3.5 hr daily commute. Agonised over it but am glad I did it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 123 ✭✭James2020App

    This new boards is a nuisance, typed out original came up twice, edited second one & original also disappeared 😅

    Anyway to summarise:

    • Try to get more info on the contract element. How long is contract for, is there any possibility or probability of the contract being extended?

    • Also with COs there is often a possibility of flexi-time. This can be up to 18 days per year additional annual leave, it'll be prorated for you though as you are on part-time. You will however have to work the overtime up to receive this. It also is not available in all places.

    • You are taking a substantial pay cut. This CO job may not be a long-term gig. Looking at the civil service mobility map there are around 390 CO civil service jobs in Sligo (Vast majority being in social welfare) - You can see the map here: These are total jobs though rather than open jobs

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    It's a risk and definitely worth waking up the pros and cons.

    I wouldn't bank of promotions as they can be slow and quite political.

    Best of luck OP

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    The ETB isn't civil service so I don't think you can avail of mobility. At least not to a government department.

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    A smaller team may mean limited opportunities for progression, and you may have to rely on open competitions which are obviously very competitive, particularly in more sparsely populated parts of the country.

    Progression may not be for you, which is fine, but something else to consider.

  • Registered Users Posts: 29 Elzbellz

    Hi, I have just been offered a perm CO role in ETB and am currently nearing my 9 month probation stage as perm CO in DSP. Are there any benefits to moving to ETB?

  • Registered Users Posts: 886 ✭✭✭Vologda69

    Much more flexibility in civil service: be it moving departments, remote working, leave schemes, promotion etc.