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Machinery/systems available in UK but not Ireland

  • 19-07-2022 12:32pm
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    I'm researching a business idea where I may have the opportunity to import or introduce farm machinery or systems that are not yet available in Ireland.

    I've spent the last month visiting agricultural machinery suppliers and some farms and it's pretty clear that the UK is full of unusual, innovative and extremely practical/efficient agri machinery that you wouldn't see anywhere in Ireland. From mini-tractors with 2 PTO's and all their associated equipment to spraying and harvesting solutions more suitable to the smaller Irish farms.

    The Brits love their machines, and I'm sure many of you have noticed the stark difference in variety, availability and range of machines compared to Ireland.

    From your own experience, are there any systems or machines ( from agri to construction) that, if imported to Ireland, would be viable to sell here? Is there anything that would be a good fit for farming in Ireland.

    Looking forward to your comments.

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    Lay your hand on a linkage mounted or trailed implement that will pull ragwort,ideally small, that a miser on fuel of a tractor will be able to operate behind it.

    Do this & everyone on the ragwort thread will buy one of'll be a wealthy man before long.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes indeed. I live in the wilds of Mayo and that sure is a perennial problem ( if you excuse the pun)


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    Not the UK but Holland. A few years back I saw pics of a slurry tank that was able to sow maize. Might be worth looking into. I think with brexit you would be better off looking on the continent.

    If the seat's wet, sit on yer hat, a cool head is better than a wet ar5e.

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    There was one but they no longer produce it. Alvan Blanche eco Puller, I imagine if it was any good it would have taken off.

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    As a matter of interest what is available in the UK that's not already available here?

    Plenty of machinery imported from UK regularly already both by machinery dealers and directly by farmers. Not to mention that lots of machinery innovation happens right here too.

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    I've no idea, hence the nature of my question.

    I've no doubt there are plenty of options currently available in Ireland. I'm asking about options not yet available.

    Do you have any suggestions yourself?

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    Is there any issues with type approval or whataever now with Brexit?

    I would have thought that looking to Europe would yield better results?

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    See alot of bobcat diggers on tracks over in the US would be well suited to scrub clearance and landscaping jobs over here with a flail mower or topper attachment

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    Do you have any suggestions yourself?

    No not really, I can't think of too much available in the UK that is not available here that would suite the types of farm enterprises that we have. That's not to say there isn't some niche market that I'm unaware of.

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    Tube wrapper for round bales, they save a lot of plastic. Not sure if there is a problem with them that they're not more popular. Need more space for storage though.

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