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Creative Zen Hybrid Headphones €59.99 @


  • €5 off?

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    The screenshot shows the original price of €109.99.

    €109.99 - €50 = €59.99.

    Got a pair of these a few weeks ago from the Creative site for €49.99. The ANC is decent, not as good as my Bose QC25 but the QC25s don't have bluetooth. Happy with them for the price apart from the colour 🤢

  • I might be going mad but I can't get the €50 to trigger. Any help gladly appreciated.

  • The email I got from the newsletter only gives a 5euro discount

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    Not sure why, I used a tempmail address, and it said €59.99 but I never got the email. I need to try again, just haven't yet.

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  • Worked today.

    Thanks OP.

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    read the comment section.. not that good

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    Not that I rate youtube reviews, but he seems to say that they are good

    "In terms of actually delivering audio we have 40mm drivers with a standard frequency response of 20 to 20,000. I came into this review with high expectations for sound quality because creative usually does a pretty good job in that department and that's exactly what we have here with the zen hybrid. It's a nice warm and punchy sounding audio that you can get out of here and it can get seriously loud if you really want to crank that volume up louder than I'd ever want to listen to or recommend that anybody else listen to for that matter. I listened to a whole bunch of music, played games and watched a lot of youtube videos with these things and I really liked how they sounded for everything so good job creative on delivering good audio quality."

    There are only 25 comments underneath and only one of them shares an opinon, after actually using them, and they are comparing them to a pair of Sony 2015 ANC headphones (they don't say which pair) that more than likely cost triple at least, the €59 price here. They also mention the SX-Fi and suggest it's not for music but is great for Movies, TV etc. I don't remember any sony ANC in 2015 less than €150, and theydefinitely wouldn't have had SX-Fi.

    Not sure what you are referring to. In any case, I wouldn't pit them against a pair €150 or more, but would against many in the €100 price point. Then I would give an opinion. Seems most are happy with the purchase at this price. I think I will be too.

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    Thanks op. Ordered a pair this morning with the 50e off. The young fella is delighted. ANC for €60 and 2 year warranty will do him perfectly.

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    Thanks op, worked for me at 59.99.

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    I'd say "SXFI READY" as they call it just means the headphones have a profile in the app and also that the app works in a limited way, but it doesn't have the SXFi chip which does virtual surround effect like some of the other headphones or hardware with SXFi label. The SXFi effect is good, but not very adjustable, just on or off, voices can be a bit echoey which isn't the best for music. But I wouldn't take much notice of it as a proper feature on these headphones

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    Does this work on the PS5?

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    Some may even suggest it is a gimmick.... But not a bad one.

    Saying that, I have a friend who has the air, and he reckons the app has done a bang on job for him, so idk.

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    for 60 euros, it's probably fine to buy this. I realize that it's not fair to compare the 60e headset with the 200e sony.

    the comment also said, this one is prob a rebranded taotronics. Also, the mic audio is lacking.

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    Can only speak personally. I've been using mine on zoom calls for the last week. I've asked everyone I've been with on a call with and they have all said the audio was fine.

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    They don't look anything like the Taotronics, and the controls are different.

    While rebranding does happen, it is usually smaller companies selling off to larger and all the rights are bought up, or small company paying for rebadging.

    Not likely to be Creative buying a two year old Taotronics either, then changing the shell and the hardware, and adding their own firmware.

    40mm drivers and BT 5.0 seem to be the only real similarities and both bog standard for that type of headphone.

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    They seem to be available in black now too.