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Micro inverters

  • 11-07-2022 2:02pm
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    Looking for installers wha are actually building solar panels installations based on micro inverters, rather one big inverter.

    Appreciate any help.


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    Don't know of any myself - although I am doing a self-install of 6x panels on my shed with micro-inverters (once I get a hold of them). I also have a main solar installation of 14x panels with a full string inverter on the main roof.

    At the risk of being nosey, why micro-inverters? I mean I get it for me, but usually when you have more than 5-6 panels, a full string inverter is the way to go (cost wise)

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    Not sure if this is more cost effective but using micro inverters you dont have to use optimisers if you have "problem" with shade, also they are safer as you dont install any big devices at home.

    Try solarcity cost around 140 euro (ex vat) for micro inverter and in all cables

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    My problem is that I already have 2x Hoymiles micro-inverters (in operation) and I'd like to keep using Hoymiles, as then I have the same telemetry platform as opposed to introducing another microinverter make. So I've an open order with (Belgium site) who will hopefully send me the 4 inverters that I need. I could have done it cheaper with using 2x panel (or even 4 panel) inverters, but I decided to keep them all the same and use single panel inverters.

    No, I'm a huge fan of micro-inverters. I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say that they are "safer" due to not installing big devices. Full string inverters are pretty reliable and safe these days, but there are some inherent advantages as you say such as shading - albeit that can be solved easily enough with a €50-60 optimizer per panel.

    Micro-inverters work pretty well (math wise) up to about 6-8 panels, then the string inverters tend to start to give economies to scale.

    What size system were you thinking of?

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    Around 10 panels, still getting quotes but more likely will go with string inverter due to lack of micro inverter installers in Ireland

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    I'd be interested to see how the enphase iq8 touted islanding feature works in a power outage but they would be like hens teeth in Europe at the moment.

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    I have one sitting here if you're looking for the same - hoymiles MI-1200. Send me a PM and we can discuss.

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    I've already got 4x HM-400's paid for and enroute (whenever they arrive) - although thanks for that offer. If start acting the maggot, they might be getting an order cancelled..... :-) albeit I'd prefer to stick to the single panel micro-inverters. Nothing wrong with the Mi-1200, albeit it would be different from my others (and I'm OCD about that - LOL)