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Update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 - error code

  • 04-07-2022 12:04am
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    I wonder if someone can confirm if it's the CMOS battery that's causing the error and needs replacing? Code 0x80072F8F - 0x20000 comes up when I try running the media tool to install windows 10 download. Would that battery cause the download not to work/install? The windows logo appears as if its about to go ahead but then the error appears.

    Its an oldish laptop - (Compaq) belonging to my friends daughter who's still in school and needs it updated since it stopped connecting to their printer.

    I was worried windows 10 couldn't be installed anymore as security will stop for this in 2025 I read somewhere, however I though I'd give it a go.

    Not sure if Windows 11 can be installed if it's only running Windows 7 now!

    Anyone any tips - that would be super!😀


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    Quick Google suggests it could refer to time/date. If the battery is on the way out it won't be able to recall the time/date that was last set when the laptop was powered down. If you turn the laptop on with wifi disabled does it have the correct time/date shown? (Wifi will sometimes correct the time if auto time/date is set as it will be got online). This may be why it has stopped connecting to the printer.

    A CMOS battery is usually one of those CR2032 batteries like in a remote car key. Replacing it can be simple enough or a pain depending on how easy it is to access it, the laptop casing would need to be opened. YouTube should have guides on the particular model.

    On a side note, what spec is the laptop currently? Windows 7 could imply it's ancient and may not be able to run Windows 10 properly. Any idea how much RAM it has? If you right click on the Start button and select Sytem it should show you what the specs are.

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    Hi, I disabled wifi and it held its own regarding time and date so its not the battery.

    The specs: 4gb Ram, Processor: AMD EI-2100 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1 GHz.

    Windows 7 Professional. Would this have something to do with it? Its not the home version?

    The Compaq is model no 15-h011sa.

    Thanks for support so far!👍️

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    hdd would be my suspect #1and I would suggest upgrading to ssd before upgrading to win10, also, I would not recommend win7-to-win10 in-place upgrade, do clean install. Note, you will lose all programs that were installed on win7, activation will be required

    Media can be created on another machine

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    It shouldn't lose date/time if it's plugged in during setup so that's a red herring once you set the correct time / timezone at the start.

    Create media on another machine if possible.

    Most of the internet fixes are about running as administrator, clearing out updates and getting them again. This long one also says just download the ISO from

    1. Download the IOS file of the operating system from the Windows Media Creation Tool
    2. Once the download is finished, right-click on it and select Mount
    3. Now run the Windows setup as an administrator, and this will start upgrading Windows to the latest.

    HDD test it with HD Tune2.55 - free for personal use lower down the page.

    SSD's are great , but entry level ones aren't getting cheaper, and having a single memory slot stops you adding RAM.

    That AMD was a low spec chip in 2013. The single channel means you can't add memory, you'd have to replace what's there with an 8GB DDR3 and not really worth doing, I still haven't forgiven AMD or HP for such miserable corner cutting.

    The AMD E1-2100 is a mobile dual-core SoC for low-end subnotebooks and netbooks, which was presented in mid-2013. In addition to 2 CPU cores with a base clock speed of 1.0 GHz (no turbo), the 28-nanometer chip also integrates a Radeon HD 8210 GPU, a single-channel DDR3L-1333 memory controller as well as the Southbridge with various I/O- ports. - it's score is 407 which isn't much.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,368 ✭✭✭mumof2

    I'm thinking is a replacement laptop a better plan?

    I don't mind giving it a go...always enjoy fixing and replacing stuff. My friend is lucky I enjoy doing tech stuff for free - not qualified so can't

    charge anyhow😂

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