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ROK 2022

  • 03-07-2022 12:20pm
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    Is there really no thread for the 2022 Ring of Kerry? I have done it every year from 2010 to 2018 and it always generated a lot of activity here. I plan on doing next year and wondering how popular it still is? Anyone know how many did it yesterday?


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    Did it yesterday ! Lashing rain at times but really enjoyed it ! Climbs were not as bad as told ! Wicklow training helped !

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    Did it also. (With very little training) Don’t think numbers were as high as before. Felt quieter.

    weather was poor enough till I got to base of molls gap. Fine for the rest of it.

    missed the drummers at the top of molls gap. Think they were on the road for the last few k.

    love the decent into Killarney on the closed roads

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    Everything is in the general sportives thread at this stage.

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    I did it yesterday with a mate, left at 7.05, weather was miserable the whole way to cahirciveen with a headwind and rain. Brightened up a bit from there with the occasional shower round to Kenmare, then lashed rain again from Molls gap back to Killarney.

    Enjoyed it more than I thought I would, I had only done 100k once this year and had never done over 160k, was worried that coupled with the weather, the last few hours would be a slog. But managed to get in with a few groups and motored around far faster than I thought we would, and the climbs were not as bad as I expected, not too long and no real steep parts. Only problem was last 10k coming in to Kenmare where I bonked and had no food or water, but got well refreshed at the food stop there.

    First time doing it, its pricey but would do it again, as it was good craic on the road and after. Some amount of volunteers out all day well, in every town/village and crossroads.

    Had no real target as the other lad I was with is an occasional cyclist and thought he'd want to take it handy, but we agreed to try and get it done in as much under 7 hours possible. We ended up getting to Kenmare (140k) in about 4h 45m riding time with all the lifts from the groups and tailwinds, so bombed up the Molls gap after a feed and got back in 5h51m moving time, was delighted.

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    That’s some going, got around it ok with moving time of 7.38. Happy enough considering the headwind at the start and that I didn’t go in a group at any stage.

    Oh and also as I’ve a grand total of 145km done on the bike this year prior to yesterday.

    imagine what could be done with a bit of training. Body is fine today I made sure I didn’t go in the red at any stage yesterday.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 786 ✭✭✭ lochdara

    Crap weather but good company. Stopped and changed a tube for a lad with no spares or knowledge.

    Only issue was a few cyclists who slammed on the brakes or changed their line quickly, apart from that it was good.

    Had to stop off at the bike shop in caherciveen for a set of cleats for my buddy. The shop was very busy with minor repairs.

    Done it in 6hr 47 bike time. Nice handy spin. Im 3300 km into my 5200km target for the year.

    Spotted another IMNDA jersey that I had designed but didnt meet the fella after I seen it.

    Ring of Clare 160km next. That will be harder.


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    Stopped and changed a tube for a lad with no spares or knowledge.

    Fair play to you for helping him out but what kind of plonker would try a fairly tough 160km spin with no spares and no knowledge?

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,986 ✭✭✭✭ retalivity

    TBF, there were pop-up bike repair huts set up at each food stop, as well as support vans and motorbikes on the road with tyres and tubes, and everyone was issued a phone number to call if they had problems, and a van/bike would be sent to help them out. So i guess a lot of people were relying on others to help them out if they ran into any problems, as assistance was well signposted!

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