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Murder in the Alps - ch4


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    I watched it. It’s hard to believe they have never solved it, or got anywhere near solving it. Seems cyclist was in wrong place at wrong time, and target was the father??

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    Saad's wife's ex husband dies on the very day of the shooting??????

    what a coincidence that is...or is it a coincidence? its just bizarre all round

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    Yes remember this case when it happened, the brother was chief suspect, thought it was never solved, won't go Googling it, will watch on All4.

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    To steal a quote from JFK...

    "It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"

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    And from JFK the movie (joe peci's character said it)

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    Only watched the first episode, will catch up on the rest tonight. Interesting case. I wonder why they are so such the British family were the targets. I’m sure that will be answered. It just stuck me as odd last night the gunman was waiting in the gully prior to the family arriving, how did he know they would be there or that they would stop?

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    it must have been a rendezvous of some sort and the hitman had prior knowledge

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    well that's one big 'head scratcher' isn't it

    don't know what to conclude from it....was Saad al Hilli the target? was the cyclist Sylvain Mollier the target? was anyone the target? was it just simply a case of a lone psycho gunman with a bloodlust who just targeted the first people he came across?

    but it seems the French police made a hames of it, not releasing that photofit for a year what's that about? not finding the passports in the jacket pocket was galling, hellbent on nailing it on the brother Zaid was a mistake.

    Personally I think it was the ex-policeman with the gun collection who matched the photofit - they released him for lack of evidence but all suspicions points towards him

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    Always fascinated by this case. Somehow never knew that the wife's ex-husband died on the same day. It would seem as if it was either a rendez-vous or the victims were just in the wrong place and not targeted. I seem to recall at the time that the press alluded to the British cyclist as possibly being Mi5 or Mi6 and possibly tracking Saad

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    or maybe...the British cyclist was the intended target and the French cyclist was killed in a case of mistaken identity??

    afterall the french cyclist overtook the british cyclist on that road, so maybe the gunman waiting thought it was the british guy??

    it really is a rabbit hole of a case, there's no end to the different synopsis's

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    Enjoyed it for all the possible suspects it was able to determine.

    I'd be thinking it was the French cyclist that was the target but then you have to ask yourself why did the killer not wait until Saad and the family were not in the same area, would have been plenty of opportunities on that route? The Luger pistol would tend to point towards an amateur killer and not a professional hitman which might fit better with the cyclist being the target.

    Then if the cyclist was the target why did Saad have the extensive hard drives with him (which apparently his work had zero military/inteligence value) for the 'holiday' when he could have left them at home in the secure safe it was said he had, also it was strange he was going to collect the €1 million from the Swiss bank account which was his fathers at this same time.

    French police made a complete balls of the case, missing the daughter at the start and then not finding the passports in Saad's pockets for nearly 2 years. The description of the motorcyclist suspect should have been released immediately too.

  • could be two unrelated facts. If Saad was up to something dodgy it does not necessarily follow he was killed because of that, he could just have happened to be where the french cyclist was killed. Just as he could if he was not up to anything dodgy

    the french cyclist gf family were 100% right not to talk to the media. the media try to say anyone who does not talk to them is guilty.The english cop did the same as the french, focusing on the french cyclist as they focused on Saad

    Very good documentary. I never knew about Saad's wife having been married before in the USA. I read the book but i don't recall that being in it

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    It's kinda strange the British witness who came upon the murder scene first wasn't interviewed for this documentary 😶

  • probably refused, i'm sure they would have asked him

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    Did they say who has the 2 girls now , very strange story, no way were the French saying they made a mess of the investigation

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    The two girls live in a secret location with new identies. Two actors played them in the film reconstructions.

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  • No idea ai am assuming the would have asked him. he is still alive?