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Farmers percentage of consumer price

  • 27-06-2022 2:37pm
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    Hi all,

    Part out of interest, part out of necessity for an off-farm project, I gathered a few figures on beef and milk price since 2014-15. See the images attached.

    For milk, farmers got between 28% and 37% of the final consumer price from 2014 to 2020. This is based on 1 litre of low-fat milk, and the figures are from the National Milk Agency.

    For beef, farmers got between 37% and 45% of the final consumer price from 2015 to 2021. This is based on 1kg of round beef and the average price for an R3 steer. The figures are from Bord Bia and 'Numbeo: Historical Data about Cost of Living by Year in Ireland'.

    Do these stats seem about right?

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    how did you calculate how much the farmer charged for that specific cut?

    i.e. i would assume a farmer would sell the animal, and then the retailer decides what to charge for each cut? or was it a simple '1kg is 0.25% of the usable weight of the carcass' calculation?

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    Every figure is a published average and I've made general assumptions - no more, no less.

    I looked at the price of 1kg of 'round beef' and then compared against the average price per kg the farmer received that year for an R3 steer. The figures to break this down further aren't there. Obviously T-bone would be different to low-grade mince. And there's the factories grid to consider as well, but again there are no figures readily available.

    It's not going to be exact. All I'm trying to do is get a rough percentage.

    And I'm very open to trying different calculations. This is about the method and it being transparent for consumers, as much as arriving at a final percentage.

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    good luck with that, educating consumers.

    Listening to twats on talk radio whinging about 'hyperinflation' and how they had to que to get their flight out for their third holiday .I used to think people were ignorant but the more I see and hear I just have to conclude they are stupid and above all selfish.

    poor quality journalism has a lot to answer for.

    your litre of low fat milk has had a portion of cream skimmed off to be sold seperately ,

    beef is way more complex the fifth quarter is a very lucrative comodity , beef cheek ,for fancy chefs, lights and bones for pet food ,hides, casings, fat all have value and a complex market way beyond the understanding of the average consumer with a masters degree in bullshit!

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    When I was in IFA sheep commitee the only declared amarket price was rungis and Irish lamb was always priced roughly at what farmers were being paid in Ireland at the time so we always took it that the fifth quarter paid the factories operating costs, we were always aware of course that rungis market was a dumping ground for excess lamb and discounted price. Talking to Irish lorry drivers in france they'd tell us they'd distribute the ICM lamb in many different outlets.

    Our group went to the ICM factory in belgium where they process lamb for a premium market, Our names were on the carcases so our lads were disgusted to see their 24 and 25 kg carcases in Belgium supplying a premium market under the brand name Celtic Lamb. I guarantee you they came home with a new resolve to weigh more regularily.

    Just a heads up for everyone, there's going to be good subsidies for producer groups for three years now of €10000/yr plus €3000 to start a new group

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    I'm not trying to educate consumers or anyone else.

    Farmers complain that people don't care where their food comes from but then we do nothing to get information to them. Supermarkets have a free run to educate people that food is cheap!

    I don't expect much of a change if consumers know how much of any food product goes back to the farmer. All I'm saying is gather the information and put it in front of the consumer. Let them decide then. At the moment, it's too easy to believe the supermarkets' BS.

    We all complain about processors and supermarkets taking more than their share. I assume they do. But we have very little information to see just how much they are taking. My simple hope is that shining some light on the figures and percentages can only help and maybe get it on someone's agenda. I doubt the IFA will do anything (I'm a member. For now.) but I'll keep throwing it out there for a while and see if anyone else might pick it up.

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    Didn't IFA commision Jim Power to find wher the money goes and got nowhere, I could've saved them the cost...... there wasn't a hope.

    Tbf dairy farmers have a huge problem disclosing profits and costs to teagasc for publication, processors are no different,,

    If that 100page document does anything it refutes all the off the wall stuff that farmers allege....... someone on my side at last

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    Thanks for the link. I didn't even realised that report was ever published. Or if I did see it, it obviously made no impact!

    Half my thinking on publishing percentages and transparency is that it might stop some of the more wild claims from some farmers that it's all a conspiracy and lizard-kings are running the world. I don't think processors or retailers are playing even close to fair, but the really wild shouting and claims only undermine the genuine ones.

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