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Uber fraud

  • 26-06-2022 3:35am
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    I was in Croatia about a month ago and downloaded the Uber app for taxis - only used them a couple of times while there

    Fast forward to yesterday and get a text off the bank to call them re some suspicious activity - a €1000+ euro attempted Uber charge (like where the hell where they driving from/to) plus some other smaller ones from Amsterdam - I know the big charge is a driver scam

    Does this not seem a bit convenient to join them and suddenly fraudulent transactions...?

    Is there even any point trying to report this Uber - from what I've read online that would be a big nope. I have 2FA on the card but never got a notification on it and the bank said the card is probably cloned but I never let it outta my sight and you can only pay for Uber thru the app


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    Yeh the chances of that being Ubers fault are slim. More likely your card was cloned elsewhere and it's a coincidence. Just get credit card company on it and forget Uber as an in issue.

    And it's not fraud by Uber, so that's a misleading headline

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    Deal in facts not suspicious!

    You don’t know who attempted the fraud, it could have been a driver or a customer but it certainly was not Uber and it is very unlikely to be a driver because Uber monitors drivers and there is too much effort involved in setting up as a driver to make it worth while for a scammer, so it is most likely to be a customer. It is much easier to simply buy a card of the internet.

    You don’t need access to a physical card to clone it, all you need are the card details, so the fact that the card was always in your possession does not make much difference. Credit card details are usually held for sometime before being offered for sale, so your details could have been obtained while you were on holiday, weeks before in Ireland or months ago when a website holding your details was hacked, there is no way to know the timing.

    What you do know for certain is that your card details are available to someone else and your notification system failed. So act on that. Cancel the card, if not done already and try to find out why you were not notified of the charges when the attempt was made.

    When you get your new card try to minimize the number of places holding your card details as much as possible. Use payment services and SEPA payments as much as possible. I also use a prepaid card where ever possible, so apart from PayPal, Apple and Google there are only a handful of places that hold my actual credit card details.

    There is little point in reporting it to Uber from a customer point of view, but from an investigation point of view every little bit of information helps to build a picture and those few extra details can lead you to a criminal, so consider reporting it all the same.