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Has anyone had any experience appealing to SUSI

  • 25-06-2022 11:49am
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    Hi, so I applied for SUSI grant several weeks ago and since then I've been asked for every document possible. These have all been provided as requested. To give a brief description of my circumstances, I've been living abroad the past year in an EU country and was recently let go from work and decided to go to college.

    I'm 24 years old and I previously did 1 year of a part time level 8 qualification at Griffith College, which I left to take the opportunity to move abroad.

    I received a letter today stating that my application was rejected due to the following:

    As per article 15(7)(c)(i) of the Student Grant Scheme 2022 applicants who previously attended, but not

    completed, any Undergraduate Course at Level 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), or

    equivalent, will be required to complete an equivalent period of study on an approved Undergraduate Course

    at Level 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) before being eligible to be considered for a


    Now that year of college hasn't been an issue throughout the whole process so far and they've queried plenty beforehand. I funded this year of study entirely myself so I don't understand what bearing this has on any grant application.

    I have the paperwork to prove this and my circumstances are fairly dire. Can anyone give me any ideas on what my odds of success are?


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    You can always try, but expect the worst.

    I had a letter 6 months after I was awarded fees for a year of college, saying they made a mistake and we're taking half back. And so they did.

    The following year I was refused the fees due to household income being €18 over the threshold for a particular year. I appealed on the basis that a welfare payment which was due on the 3rd of Jan was paid early on the 31st Dec, and so was being calculated as means for that year (which was the genuine reason I went over the limit). They refused my appeal.

    There's a real lack of common sense when it comes to SUSI.

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    Jesus I'm sorry to hear. On what grounds did they take back half your fees? In my appeal I'm just going to be as blunt as possible, I'm unemployed, soon to be homeless in a foreign country due to my lease expiring.

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    A few years ago after my initial application was rejected I went through several SUSI appeals (3 I think?) and the final one was external with the Department of Education. It was very stressful but I knew they were wrong to deny me. I added a new personal letter and any supporting documentation each appeal and I think I got several politicians to provide letters for my case - I put everything I could into each appeal to make my case . One day a letter arrived confirming the department overturned SUSI's previous decisions and I was approved.

    I can also tell you from personal experience that exceptions are made for repeats but not without a fight and you have to be able to demonstrate why an exception should be made.

    Some of their reps will be more helpful than others. Ask any rep you speak with for advice on your appeal based on exceptional circumstances, Citizens Information or the student union may be able to help. Good luck.

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    My daughter got her notification today was refused susi application for a postgraduate course I earn 23,000 she earned 5000 last year my mother died in 2020 and left me a small amount of inheritance a once off payment I'm a single mum and was my mother's carer for 12 plus years so have always been in receipt of long-term social welfare either carers allowance and part-time work of full-time and wfp which shows I'm on low income her brother I'm still trying to get through secondary school and they expect us as a family to get fees of €6500 and accommodation costs for the year which is next to impossible I used my inheritance to get us out of debt and with the cost of living it helped for a time I did buy a better car not new its a 141 how long does the appeals take as college starts in September there is no way she would dream of going without knowing there was some kind of back-up it it hard to appeal the decision I'm trying to talk her into applying to UK as she would at least be eligible for a student loan I'm not in a position to go guarantor with the banks for her here if anybody has any advice on where to go from here

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    You were over for the special rate, but would have thought you were under for the 100% rate over €25000 under €40000 on income,was it the inheritance which pushed you over?

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