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Belated retention application.

  • 20-06-2022 10:57am
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    Hi All, I posted previously about a major renovation, extension on a 70's style bungalow across the road from me , actually was more curious on thoughts on what was being done and to be fair it's turned out spectacular, I had no objection , know the owner vaguely, it didn't effect me directly and to be honest the property was an eye sore, not derelict, actually lived in over the years.

    Anyway there was no planning either requested or granted , fair enough for a restoration and the usual permitted extension at rear etc . But this turned out to be something entirely different, Raised roof level by 15 feet , house doubled in length and massive extension out back, large Garage literally on the side road edge and massive window over looking another neighbours house and garden. It's not an exaggeration to say the finished house, whilst beautiful is 3 times the size it was.

    A year on , I was approached by some effected and others living locally who really are not effected, I was asked my opinion, kind of leading questions. I just said it looked spectacular and I'm really neutral, not wanting to be dragged into a dispute locally.

    I'll admit I can see how this may impact on immediate neighbour and the owner of this property has form re planning issues in the past, small developer etc .

    So things have now escalated, Local Authority now investigating and a Planning /retention notice has appeared outside the property which I assume is connected to complaints, objections etc.

    Honestly it was perhaps foolish to have done what was done without permission, I remember 10 years ago I was extending out back and explored possibilities of raising roof a little and was told no, obviously I accepted the advice.

    Were do folks think this will go , there's even a Tenant in the property now , actually it's their concerns that led me to post , they'd no idea what was going on until retention/planning notice went up, nice people, young family etc.

    Thoughts appreciated, no judgements just trying to get a sense of were this may go and it seems odd objections now being lodged a year after completion and yes I accept permission should have been requested .


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    Almost impossible to know without seeing the application and knowing the site/house.

    Regardless, the planners will look at it to see what negative effect it has on the neighbouring properties, any breaches of development plan or general design guidelines, and will take on board any submissions or observations made by others. They may grant retention with conditions (which may include removal or change to any windows overlooking neighbouring properties or other changes etc).

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    The planning enforcement people don't normally investigate until it is brought to their attention ie. reported. Between the jigs and the feels it's not uncommon for an application for retention to be submitted months even years later.

    Going forward if the application is granted then anyone who has made a valid submission may appeal the decision to An Bord Pleanala. Likewise if it's refused the applicant may appeal it.

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    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

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    Thanks Muffer , you may recall I brought this up previously on a different thread . I'm not too knowledgeable on planning matters , obviously I'm not directly effected and oddly the main objector (apparently) lives in the village 3km away.

    I was just surprised the belated objections , albeit admittedly permission should have sought .

    Thanks for response 👍

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    Before any planning application is made people can report/make a complaint about any matter they consider to be unauthorised and it will be investigated by the planning dept. who will determine if it's in breach of planning laws. In this case the owner would have received a warning letter or letters advising that he remove the extension etc or make a formal application to retain same.

    As there is now an application with the council anyone has the right to make a submission/objection within 5 weeks of it's receipt and where applicable appeal any decision they aren't happy with. Just to note that all submissions/objections are in the public realm and can viewed/copied by anyone.

    That's a very short description of the way these things go but if you are not affected by this development then my advice would be to stay clear and not get drawn into any objections by others.

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    Thanks, I'm staying well clear and always did, just got thinking about the new tenants who dropped over yesterday a little worried, I suppose concern Brought on by shortage of rental accommodation 😉

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