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New to Ireland, looking for advice on how to get a rental place

  • 17-06-2022 7:51pm
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    Hi! Apologies, I imagine this gets asked a lot but it's a busy forum and people seem to be happy to give fairly personalized advice.

    I moved to Dublin at the start of last month for my work. I figured I'd do what my friend did when he moved abroad: get myself an AirBnB for three months and enjoy looking at places leisurely. I knew the rental market was expensive but I didn't realize it was totally off the rails. I have applied for well over 50 places through Daft, MyHome and at this point and gotten two replies, both negative. Oh and one obvious scammer who wanted a months deposit on PayPal using family and friends option just to give me a viewing through Rentola, I registered a profile before realizing the whole site is a scam. No reply at all from most. I still have a month and a half, but I am getting worried and it's impacting my mental health.

    My requirements are far from impossible I think: an hour by bicycle from work (in Dublin 22), 1-3 bed (2 preferred, I work mostly from home and want a home office), 1-2 bath with at least a bathtub, nice kitchen, parking for a car which I don't have yet. I think I'm a fairly good candidate, single female with no kids or pets, don't smoke or party. Prepared to pay up to 50% of my gross wage (yes, I know that's a lot but I have other sources of income) which is around 2,100 a month. I've applied in the 1,500 - 2,100 range. I am happy to put in a deposit of up to 6 months but a friend said I shouldn't say that on my application because that'll make me sound like a criminal. Proving my ability to pay beyond what I make in wages is difficult but no one is even asking me to.

    I've modified my application to include more stuff due to not getting any replies but I'm not really sure what landlords looks for in applicants, despite being one myself. My application that I modify slightly depending on the place (mostly just the address) is below. I apply for apartments as soon as I get an alert for new ones. What am I doing wrong? Should I include even more stuff in the initial message? Should I trim it back down? Is it too informal? Are all the apartments actually traded in some secret underground casino where tenants have to risk their lives for the amusement of landlords? All this is so much simpler in Finland...

    [EDIT, forgot my biggest question] Should I just assume that every single listed rent is a lowball and I should instantly offer more in my application? That seems bizarre but if it's a local custom that would explain some things...

    [EDIT 2] the text below is no longer current, please scroll down to an update version if you are interested in providing feedback


    Greetings! I am interested in renting the listed apartment at [ADDRESS]. According to the advertisement and photos, it fits my needs and budget described below. Can we set up a viewing? 

    My name is [NAME]. I moved to Ireland recently as my job at [BIG COMPANY] was permanently relocated here. I would be the only person staying in the apartment. I don't smoke, party, or have pets. My preferred time to move is in July. Reference from employer is available, my latest landlord reference is from 2013 as I have been a homeowner since. Character reference also available. As a homeowner and landlord, I have excellent skills in looking after your apartment. Deposit is available immediately. Happy to agree to a one year lease to start off with.

    My needs for a home (that I am convinced this apartment fulfils) are less than an hour by bike from my workplace near [LOCATION IN DUBLIN 22], 1 double bedroom, 1 comfortable bathroom with a bathtub and shower, kitchen with mod cons and plenty of countertop space, and space for my home office (large living room or spare bedroom). Parking for 1 car is a necessity. My price ceiling is 2,100 euros (50% of my wage as I have other sources of income). My employer is [SMALL COMPANY] and I've worked as a [JOB TITLE] contractor at [BIG COMPANY] since February 2021. I am currently staying in an AirBnB with rent paid in advance until the end of July.

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    A lot of places are sourced by word of mouth. Could you check with your HR department or your colleagues?

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    That looks like overkill to me, and I'd absolutely lose any reference to a home office, it suggests more wear and tear.

    I'd stick to name, employer, non smoker, no pets, no parties and references available. Mention that the rent is within budget and that you have a deposit ready. I'd be tempted to offer two months deposit if you can do it.

    Less is often more, I was shortlisting for a job recently and got an application that your email reminds me of. Trying too hard, too intense. Didn't even consider them. I used to be a landlord too and would find the level of detail you put in totally off putting.

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    Welcome to Ireland.

    To find a place to stay here you more than likely will be renting in a rent pressure zone which means a landlord cannot increase the rent above a certain rate so you offering more will frighten off a landlord. The rental rate on the likes of My are the prices the landlord has to charge or can go below that level. If you offer more they will assume there is something wrong with your application.

    You will need to pay deposit and one months rent in advance only. Thanks

    Ask around in work and if you have an internal notice board or internal website put up an ad there. Might be a good thing to do is to rent a room in a house and this will show you are reliable and then you have a record here. You can also show your Airbnb landlord feedback.

    I would not say the 50% of wages. The landlord will see this based on your proof of income and your references so no need to mention this. I would say start off with a 6 months rental as you do not know if you would like the area until you have lived there a while.

    Ask HR to approach and letting agent or auctioneer to help find you a place in the area you think you would like. Easier finding a place with the business reference.

    Good luck with your search.

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    Thank you for the advice so far! Finding a place through my employer is not an option as they are based in the U.S., and I don't really have any contact with HR at the company I am a contractor for. I get that renting a room instead of my own place would provide me with references, but this is simply not something I am willing to do, I value my privacy a lot. I asked for a reference from the AirBnB host but based on the feedback ("as the booking was for a short-term stay and is a holiday booking instead of a tenancy"). I don't think I have seen a single place that did not require a full year's lease, if I end up in a crummy neighborhood, that's a worry for future me. I have edited down my application letter significantly based on the feedback:

    Greetings! I am interested in renting the listed apartment at [ADDRESS]. According to the advertisement and photos, it fits my needs and budget. My preferred time to move in is in July. Can we set up a viewing? 

    My name is [NAME]. I work as a subcontractor ([JOB TITLE]) at [BIG WELL KNOWN COMPANY] through [SMALL COMPANY]. The listed rent is within my budget and a deposit is ready immediately. A one year lease to begin with would be optimal. I would be the only person living in the apartment. I don't smoke, party, of have pets. References are available. I moved to Ireland recently as my job was relocated here and am temporarily staying at an AirBnB.

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    Don’t mean to be mean, but you lost me on the first word - ‘Greetings’

    Doesn’t translate well here (in my opinion). Reminds me of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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    This is much better than the first one which. Was too detailed and could potentially come across as scammy.

    I would change greetings to hello.

    It will be tricky enough to rent a 2 bed as a single person, took me ages - I was told that landlords prefer renting to a couple because if one loses their job at least they are in less danger of missed rent. Best of luck, hope you find somewhere but you might have to adjust expectations slightly.

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    Agree 100. This "I don't smoke, party, or have pets." made me think op, smokes parties and has pets. Maybe it's an Irish thing but usually when someone is denying something unprompted, it's a bit strange.

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    After cleaning up my message, I've already been invited to two viewings for tomorrow. Stress from this has decreased a lot. Thank you all! ❤️

    As for the denying things unprompted, it might be a cultural thing as some have said. Some ads specify that smoking and/or pets are forbidden, so I assume its a positive for landlords and advertise it. Lying on a rental application is not a crime but I would assume it to be grounds for cancelling the agreement.