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TUI holiday package cancellation/ Dublin Airport Staff

  • 14-06-2022 10:45am
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    Hi All,

    Our holiday package from TUI was cancelled whilst waiting to board the flight - we have recieved a full refund and have been told we are entitled to compensation and any expenses incurred.

    We were informed of the reimbursment by the airport staff and told to book a hotel and TUI would refund us this was in addition to compensation of 400 euro we would receive.

    They provided us with a leaflet which specifed this and we went ahead and booked a hotel for that night which cost nearly 500 euro - this was the only option we had at the time as we have a very young baby and are based in Galway.

    TUI have now told us that no addtional refunds/expenses are due and to claim via travel insurance instead which we didnt get.

    Has anyone had similar experiances with TUI? I have since misplaced the leaflet so not sure if I have a leg to stand on.



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    The first obvious question is whether you have something in writing that states that TUI would re-imburse the hotel. What exactly does the leaflet you received say?

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    Just what was listed on the leaflet which specifed coverage for hotel accomadation and food for the night.

    We also did this as the airport staff told us the flight was being re-arranged, but soon after it was cancelled via email/text after we arrived in the hotel.

    I cant fund the leaflet I received, hoping to email the airport to see if I can get a copy sent to me.

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    Just to clarify, you booked a holiday but didn't get any travel insurance for the trip?

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    The staff who told you what to do would be staff of the handling agent, not the airport.

    There's no automatic entitlement to hotel costs in this circumstance as it was the outbound flight.

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    Many people will book holidays and not take travel insurance as the protections within the eu are excellent.

    Insurance would only cover any issue not covered by eu airline compensation legislation. Hence in this case insurance would most like have been worthless.

    For the OP if you have anything that say that the flight was being rearranged, then you should be covered. That they then cancelled the flight is neither here nor there, it their first action that your responded to that takes effect

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  • Registered Users Posts: 52 ✭✭Lavdogg

    Thanks for the replies -I found the leaflet!

    This was given to us by handling team, there was no TUI rep at the airport.

    Flight was due to depart at 430pm but it was cancelled at approx 8pm - there is no written confirmation to say it was being rearranged at this time.

    We were only told to go home or book into a hotel and await further information from TUI, we were notifed then via email/text that our whole package was cancelled.

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    The EU protections provided in law to help people stranded have to be forcefully argued for when on a trip within EU if something goes wrong.They are not freely complied with by airline companies.Protection is better if a holiday is booked through an approved travel agent.Then the agent must act in your best interests.Advice from 3rd parties i.e. airport staff should not be relied on.

    The EHIC card is for health cover and is basic at that.Travel insurance is always advised.

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    We were due to go to Zante on May 22nd, we were delayed 23hrs so entitled to the 400euro pp compo, applied initially for myself, wife and 6yr old, didn't bother with our 1yr old as we didn't pay for him, came back that after investigation we've already bene compensated, still battling with them as they're a nightmare to contact, we will get it of that I have no doubt.

    Recieved an email late today asking for bank details for compo payment for our 1yr old, paid for or not he was a passenger and gets the 400, so delighted.

    As for your €400 delayed flight compo OP, I honestly don't know if you're entitled to it as your flight was not delayed, it was cancelled.

    There's a tui disasters Facebook group which is giving a lot of decent advice, the scale of the disasters is outrageous

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    Travel insurance is for far more than medical issues. But I suppose a Go Fund Me page will get suckers to pay for a medical repatriation when you've not bothered to get insurance.

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    got food and hotel plus the eu compensation out of ryanair after a 27hr flight delay a few years ago. they claimed we weren't entitled to claim took over 6 months for them to payout though. unfortunately I would think tui will try the same and hope you give up.

    Good luck and awful that tui are doing this

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    How many medical repatriations on summer holiday within the EU in the last few years of people without any underlying health issues?

    EHIC covers all medical issues within a country.

    Insurance would not have covered the OP as it is the airline's responsibility

    Catastrophe syndrome?

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    EHIC covers whatever each individual country decides it wants to cover.It is not an all risks insurance policy