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Social housing

  • 12-06-2022 10:51pm
    Registered Users Posts: 16 Katherine62

    Hi, I know there’s many discussions on here about council lists, hap lists, all sorts of lists etc. I have a query nobody can seem to give me a straight answer too,

    Ive been on the Wicklow county council housing list for 9 years. I have two children, a boy and a girl age 5 and 2. There is 4 of us all together including myself and partner, we found a apartment to rent with two bedrooms 3 years ago, on the hap scheme, we are very lucky, we were living at home before this, but it is small and has some problems(landlord is great ,more so management company and neighbours are huge issues) it’s gotten to the point I’m afraid to go to my bins due to neighbours etc, anyway separate issue, but every time I ask the council for a update they just say, your on the list for a 3 bed in the greystones/delgany/Newtown area and will let you know when something comes up, and update our file etc, which I have as some medical things have changed in my family, Some people are telling me Il be waiting at least 15 -16 years! So another 6 -7 to go because I’m on the hap transfer list, is this true? I understand people are on the list a lot longer than me but I’ve known people who have been housed with 1 child or 2 same as me and have been on the list less time, (I know these people as one is my cousin) she also had a hap property, and was offered her house in greystones last year after 7 years. (Delighted for her), she had no medical grounds etc she just a normal working person on the list same as me and my partner, 

    Have all the new areas in greystones been allocated ? Example the new estates glenheron, Hawkins wood, archers wood, church lands. ? 

    just wondering does anyone have Information on this. 



  • Registered Users Posts: 9,639 ✭✭✭ Caranica

    If the housing allocations section of the Council won't give you an update then I would suggest contacting a local TD. The council should at least give them your position on the list and answer re the developments you mentioned. Bear in mind that you can move down the list, as well as up, if people with a greater need are added so take your number with a slight pinch of salt.

  • Registered Users Posts: 16 Katherine62

    My local council don’t have a number per say as to where you are on the list but they have a points system and it changes daily so they never can say your this close etc, can be hard to get answers from them 😂. Thanks for your reply

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    Were your cousin's children the same sex? If so, she could have been given a 2brm (which there are more of), while you definitely need a 3 bed.

    No one knows how long you will be waiting. The best anyone can do is guess based in past performance.