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How to Register a Company in Cameroon?

  • 05-06-2022 2:10pm
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    1.     Required information to register a company in Cameroon?

    To register a company in Cameroon, there is mandatory information to be provided by the company investors. This required information enables the registration of the company with the Trade & Personal Property Credit Register of Cameroon. Such information is required of both nationals and foreign investors. The OHADA Uniform on Commercial Companies and Economic Interest Groups regulate companies’ registrations and operations.

    The required information for company registration is as follows;


    ·        Name of company (private or public limited company)

    ·        Objectives of the company

    ·        Copy of shareholder (s) identification documents (national identity card, passport, residence permit for foreigner and birth certificate of minor)

    ·        Non-crime certificate or non-conviction certificate of shareholder(s)

    ·        Certificate of proficiency (where applicable)

    ·        Company registered address

    ·        Company startup capital etc.


    2.    Documents prepared by Commercial Attorney?


    The obtaining of these documents shall require legal assistance in registering a company in Cameroon. These documents include;

    ·        Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company

    ·        Notarized statement of subscription and payment of shares

    ·        Notarized certificate of appointment of company manager

    ·        Declaration of regularity and conformity with the OHADA Law

    ·        Notarized list of company shareholder(s) and company manager

    ·        Location and localization sketch of business premises.


    3.    Compliances to Company Registration and Operation in Cameroon.

    Compliances to company registration in Cameroon shall result in the following;

    ·        Registration of the company in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM)

    ·        A business license (Patent) to be acquired from the Tax Department after payment of an annual fee

    ·        Obtain an accredited tax number from the Tax Department

    ·        Register employees along with the company at the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) and the Labour Office


    4.   Legal Documents as Obtain by a Registered Company in Cameroon. 


    ·        Certificate of Incorporation

    ·        Certificate of business registration

    ·        Memorandum/Articles of association duly stamped

    ·        Notarized statement of subscription of shares

    ·        Tax Payer’s Card

    ·        Certificate of non-indebtedness

    ·        Duly signed notarized sketch