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Renting - RPZ Compliance

  • 03-06-2022 3:56pm
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    I am a landlord (Queue socialist lynching mob!! 😀). I have been renting a house in Galway city for a number of years to a very decent tenant. I have left the rent the same for a number of years but I am looking at the Rent Pressure Calculator to determine how much I can increase the rent by. The house is a three bed with one bathroom and I have it rented for 1300 per month.

    Out of curiosity I had a look to see what similar properties were going for in Galway on daft. Either I have been in a complete time warp or there seems to be a lot of non-compliance with the Rent Pressure Zones? I know there is an exemption to RPZ if you have not rented the property in two years or you've increased the properties BER by a number of steps but there are two beds on there going for between 2000-3000 euro per month.

    Is there some other loop hole or are the fines\actions by the RTB just useless?

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    Are those 3000 pcm places you see executive apartments available for short term leases? Some like that come up every year for race Week, and may be let to companies the rest of the year.

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    For years, despite whatever rental system has been in place, be it allowance, RAS or the current one, there has always been cash adjustments from the renter to the landlord to comply with the rather mad rate local councils seem to think places go for. Hence you almost never see places advertised as HAP compliant

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    Not entirely sure but when you click into them it says minimum lease of 1 year.

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    I think you're getting your wires crossed? I'm talking about compliance with rent pressure zones, nothing to do with HAP.

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    An RPZ is suppposed to help rent remain affordable so people who need supports can access them.. The ads on daft are for new leases that can evade the RPZ due to the exemption (i don't know if there is more than one) listed

    Of course if yours is a place that hasn't been rented for two years this won't apply

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    Non-compliance is no doubt a factor, but some of those higher-priced places are properties new to the market, or that were already letting for higher prices before the RPZ rules came into effect. You said yours is 3br/1ba, which means it's an older property that has never been truly modernised, so it wouldn't have commanded as high a price back when you first rented it out to your tenant "years ago", since back then there weren't hundreds or thousands of desperate viewers begging to let any rotting tenement, crumbling shack, or leaky tent listed on Daft no matter what the cost.

    The main issue with RPZ compliance, especially between tenancies, is new tenants not actually knowing their rights under the legislation, and not having any reliable way to find out what the previous tenant was paying (the landlord is supposed to give them that information, but obviously any potential tenant asking for that would be instantly refused by a shady landlord looking to evade the restrictions). Even if they're aware of their landlord's violation, many would be afraid to push the issue and risk getting put out on the street (legally or otherwise) by an angry landlord, given the extraordinary difficulty in securing accommodation. So it's not really a "loophole" in the law, just shady landlords relying on their tenants not knowing any better or being too afraid to report their illegal rent increases to the RTB (and sometimes clueless landlords who couldn't actually be bothered to learn the law themselves).

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    I take your point in the first paragraph regarding why they are more expensive but I also take issue with some what you've said. My property is old, built in the 1970's. I have tried to upgrade bit by since I purchased it about 8 years ago but my funds aren't endless. I also would much prefer what I own than some pile of sh*** that got put up in the Celtic tiger years.I know of many places built in that era with endless problems with dampness and mould and on top of that paying management fees to a private company for sub standard maintenance and services of common areas!

    Regarding the second paragraph you also make some good points but from the experience I have from being a landlord all the data is there to allow for this to be clamped down on. You have to register the tenancy with the RTB every year now (Brought in from April of this year). As part of that you have to submit how much the rent is per month to the RTB so I would imagine the RTB could easily implement reports that would capture non-compliance between leases or during leases. Additionally it's now legally required by the revenue that you have registered your tenancy with the RTB before making a tax return using the F11 form.