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Employer refused to reschedule interview (I had Covid)

  • 03-06-2022 12:38pm
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    I was recently scheduled for an interview with a public sector employer. However, I got Covid in the days leading up to the interview (after not getting it for 2.5 years). I emailed them the morning of the interview (as my symptoms had got worse- I lost my voice). I asked to reschedule to the next week and told them I would provide a medical cert. They never got back to me.

    I emailed them my medical cert and once again asked to reschedule. They then told me the position had been filled.

    Is there anything I can do about this? Or do I just have to accept my terrible luck?


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    Suck it up is your only option I'm afraid.

    The public sector employer would have had to put together an interview board (at a considerable expense the majority of the time) to interview all candidates for the role over a couple of days.

    They can hardly be expected to sort the exact same panel again because one candidate is unavailable for interview.

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    It’s very probable that the company needs to have a replacement hired within certain timeline parameters. In order to get them trained up and working in situ asap.

    you were offered an interview but were unable to attend due to no fault of yours but no fault of the hiring company either…

    They need staff to support the business, clients and existing staff asap and you were unable to interview.

  • Every position that comes up in my Dept states the following on the cover forms:

    It is intended that shortlisting and/or interviews will be conducted as soon as possible after the closing date. The onus is on each applicant to make themselves available for interview. Reasonable efforts will be made to facilitate officers on annual leave. However there is no guarantee that officers taking leave on day of interviews will be offered an alternative date.

    The above would apply to sick leave as well, I'd imagine. If you can't make it, you can't make it. They couldn't be expected to make provisions for however many candidates have been called for interview.

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    Good answers.

    You have my sympathy OP, get well soon.

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    It's a bit annoying as I applied for the job 3 months ago and nothing happened in the meantime. I also think it was due to start in September. But sure, it is what it is.

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    "got covid in the days leading up to the interview, mailed them on the morning of the interview"

    maybe mail them in advance next time, or even better ring them. If you had of rang them and told them you had covid and showed interest,you'd be on the gravy train by now!

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    Was this an online interview or an inperson interview? If it was an online interview and one they couldn't reschedule, I think you should have attended anyhow. Taken throat lozenges and sprays and done your best to answer the questions. It would have shown that you were a determined person.

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    It's frustrating, but I don't think there's anything you can do. I once asked for a public service interview to be moved by one day as I had something else that couldn't be moved at the time they scheduled it - zero flexibility, their attitude was you either make it work or tough luck.

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    If it was one day either side I would've been able to soldier through, but I could barely say a whole sentence so I doubt I would've passed the communication aspect of the interview!

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