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Rent increased notice

  • 03-06-2022 10:39am
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    It’s being a while since I increased the rent and the tenant has asked me to fill out a rent review form. I hadn’t planned to give an increase but because I have to fill in the form Stating it’s a rent review As they are on HAP/RAS ( can’t recall which one it is) I will be unable to raise rents for 2 years I feel like I need too, king of daft as they are there on part iv ( they have roller over in to a second one)

    to give the proper notice do I just fill this in ?


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,397 ✭✭✭ mrslancaster

    Dont understand this, does the tenant need it for the council?

    IDK how this works but if you sign a hap/ras form that shows the current rent, is the tenant 's subsidy locked at the current rate for the next two years? If you then increase the rent in 6 months time, does it mean the tenant won't get any extra subsidy and would have to pay the extra rent from their own resources? Maybe they wouldn't be able to do that so are trying to ensure that any increase is covered so it's better for them if you increase the rent now rather than later.

    aside from the council, a rent increase needs 90 days notice and include 3 examples of asking rent for similar properties. Also be notified to rtb.

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    the form is titled “Supplementary welfare allowance , rent supplement review “

    my completing it I’m unable to raise rents.

    i understand the 90 days and will set it for some time in September. Or 1st October. And will inform the RTB.

    I just want to issue it correctly, the process seems to have changed.

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    Apologies, i'm just interested in how things work. So if a landlord has a ras tenant, the rtb rules apply the same as every other tenancy plus additional restrictions because the council are paying rent on behalf of the tenant.

    The lease is between landlord and tenant but there's a side agreement between the landlord and council for the rent for the next two years which kicks in when landlord signs that form "supplementary welfare allowance". Ok, get that, the council uses the tenant renewal application to also renew the landlord agreement.

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    I never filled in those forms, but I used to contact the RAS /housing office in the council, I would tell them it's been 2 years since a rent etc, they used to then tell me what they were paying locally for the area at that time and would I accept the new higher price. I always did and they did issue back payments of the increase, but were not obligated to backpay.

    Not much use in this discussion, I'm afraid, as I've never filled one of those forms.