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American Gigolo - Showtime - (***Spoilers***)

  • 01-06-2022 6:51pm
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    American Gigolo, a present-day reimagining of the iconic 1980 film, follows Julian Kaye (Jon Bernthal) after his wrongful conviction release from 15 years in prison as he navigates his complicated relationships with his former lover Michelle (Gretchen Mol), his troubled mother, and the people who betrayed him. While Julian struggles to reconcile the escort he was in the past and the man he is today, Detective Sunday (Rosie O'Donnell) seeks the truth about the murder that sent Julian to prison all those years ago, unearthing a much larger conspiracy along the way.


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    Jon bernthal that is enough for me to give it a go anyway

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    "It's hard to believe it's been more than 40 years since the film release of American Gigolo and now we have the chance to continue the story of American Gigolo as a TV series," executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer tells EW

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    Mid-Trailer and I suddenly started thinking *deep trailer voice guy* Jon bernthal is .. THE FUGITIVE 😁

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    I'm looking at this and I'm thinking there are all the ingredients there for it to be very good .. or a dud.

    American Gigolo (2022) Official Trailer #2 | SHOWTIME

    I don't know the original film but I guess that means the overall storyline is kinda set.

    I went looking at a few sites and found the that David Hollander seems to be running the show

    He was the show runner for Ray Donovan from around season two onwards..

    So.. this could be a well put together mystery/action/drama

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  • I wonder will Gere guest star in an episode or two but it looks like he hasn't been in anything since 2017

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    A really soild opening episode setting up the story and Jon Bernthal is always so watchable.

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    Well.. allow me to congratulate Lizzie Brocheré (Isabelle) on an effective three and a half minute audition for being Harley Quinn.

    1: One hour episodes and complex thinkaboutit story including multiple storylines at different points in time. This show is show is gonna have it rough.

    Anyway.. Solid opening. Giving back story, earlier and current positions and kinda giving the big arc away I think so I assume there's an even bigger one.

    At a guess, it the big tech guy hired the killer to setup Johnny to take him away from the wife. Looks like he paid the Queen.. Olga or Isabelle to do it.

    Next I'm guessing a deep dive into all kinds of shady cop-avoiding business sex, drugs, murders etc.

    I'm wondering is the end goal to setup Johnny as a kingpin type.

    **googles** ..Wow, this got panned in the reviews .. currently critics only on rottentomatoes sitting at 17%.

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    2: I'm not sure what story the show is angling at overall. Feels like it's going for a deep mystery. It's being delivered well enough though. It kinda reminds me of how Ray Donovan was put together a bit.

    I'm not sure if it's Bernthals actual tatoo but I googled the words on his arm and came back with them being a quote from Nietzsche

    Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.

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    Well now episode 3 daddy's fixer isn't very good at fixing and I'm guessing daddy isn't actually daddy.

    You're like the fcuking Where's Waldo of crime scenes 😂

    The story moving along nicely now.

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    3: Well.. this episode and I'd guess one or two more to really dig in some backstory, some connections, some bonding.. before some real devasting consequences or.. wins for Julian coming.

    Looks like the rich Stratton dude / his goons are onto the whole deal. The showdown with them must be a big deal coming down the line.

    Oh.. and what ever happened to Burt.. just chucked outta the car in the middle of the desert? 😲😁

    That where's waldo bit was hilarious!

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    I'm really enjoying this. I've never gotten around to watching the movie but checked this out because of Jon Bernthal and Gretchen Mol and I haven't been disappointed.

  • This really is excellent and Rosie O'Donnell is stealing every scene she is in.

    Where she chased the mother in this weeks episode had me in stitches.

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    i was genuinely surprised at how good she is, she must have taken some acting lessons since this abomination: link. Leland Orser is excellent as usual too.

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    After this weeks episode she could be auditioning play Catwoman :)

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    A very good series from start to finish.

    Rosie O’Donnell was for me unexpectedly brilliant throughout the whole series.

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    Showtime has pulled the plug on American Gigolo