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Can they increase rent?

  • 31-05-2022 6:27pm
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    I hope I'm not hijacking this thread but we have been given notice about our proposed rent increase. We're in a RPZ zone and only moved in Feb 2021 so my question is this lawful? I was under the impression that a landlord couldn't increase your rent for the first 2 years in a RPZ property? i found the below on the Citizen information website

    "Rent reviews for an existing tenancy in an RPZ

    If a tenancy is already in existence when an area becomes a Rent Pressure Zone, the first rent review can take place 24 months after either of the following:

    • The start of the tenancy
    • The date you were notified in writing of your last review

    Subsequent rent reviews can take place after 12 months and must adhere to the RPZ rules."


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    If the area was an RPZ before your tenancy started then rent reviews can happen annually.

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    Did you sign a lease in February? If so and presuming it was an RPZ before you moved in, they cannot increase rent for 12 months fomr the start of the tenancy.

    Details here:,way%20of%20a%20rent%20review.

    The 24 months thing is if it becomes an RPZ while you are there if I read the notes correctly.

    Long story short, they can increase rent by 2% next February and can do that every year.

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    thanks a million for your replies. looks like I have to cough up so

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    I think they signed the lease in February 2021?

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    Yearly and increase can only be 2% or by hicp inflation rate.

    this is on Rtb site.

    Example 1 

    A rented property is located in an RPZ. A tenant moved in on 11 December 2020 and a rent of €1,800 was set. The landlord is entitled to review the rent following 12 months from the tenancy commencement date and proceeds to enter the relevant details in to the RTB Rent Pressure Zone Calculator on 11 December 2021. The calculator informs the landlord that the maximum increase in rent permissible is €36. This is because the new rules that have been introduced state that rents cannot increase by more than 2% per year pro rata, where HICP inflation is higher. As the HICP inflation for the period of time between the rent first being set and then being set pursuant to the rent review is 5.2%, the 2% per year pro rata cap applies. The new maximum rent for the property is €1,836, which represents a 2% per annum pro rata increase (€1,800 x 2% p.a.)

    I think the two yearly review only applies to when an new area is assigned as rpz now.

    The landlord has to give 90 days notice of a rent increase. Information on the Rtb website.

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    You are lucky the rent is only going up 2%. Inflation is much higher as are general rent rises. You would not get the same property now for the price you are now paying.

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    Missed that, so yeah, they can hike it. Not by anymore than 2% per annum. Provided they have given propler notice for 90 days, that outs it a year and a half so I presume its as simple as so long as its no more than 3% and proper notice is given, there is nowt more to say.

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    Thanks a million all. Really helpful