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Internal promotion civil service - contract terms

  • 30-05-2022 9:55pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 marypoppins27

    Hi, I have been successful in an internal competition in the civil service but I have a few queries on my new contract if anyone can shed any light for me that would be appreciated thanks.

    The probation period is 12 months but I have been with the organisation over 5 years - is that standard length of probation?

    Also, it states that employment 'can be terminated for any/no reason during the probationary period' but it does not state anything about returning to previous position or equivalent if probation period doesn't work out - is that usual?

    Finally - contract also states that 'you may be required to work overtime from time to time', but no renumeration (normal) for this but it does not say anything about TIL applying which would be the usual practice - should this be queried??

    Having not signed an employment contract in a while I'd really appreciate any advice or knowledge on the above.

    Thanks in advance :-)



  • Registered Users Posts: 279 ✭✭ HartsHat

    1. 12 months probation is standard for every grade and every promotion.

    2. If you fail probation you just go back to your previous grade.

    3. Depends on your grade. If you are AO/HEO or lower the circular on overtime/TIL is applicable. If you are AP or above there is no overtime and no TIL as you are senior management.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,418 ✭✭✭ Augme

    Most civil service contracts can be terminated or any reason within a certain time but I have never heard that being applicable for the duration of the contract. If you have successful passed the fridt three month probation period inbound be surprised if you could have the contract terminated for any reason might be different terms at AP and above though.