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Heat Pump and Hive/Nest

  • 29-05-2022 6:21pm
    Registered Users Posts: 591 ✭✭✭ Dazzy

    A friend is getting an Air Source Heat Pump installed and asked me about getting Hive or Nest to control the heating and hot water.

    The Heat Pump he is getting does not support turning on/off the hot water remotely using Hive/Nest but it does support turning on/off the heating.

    I don't know much about Heat Pumps but the sense I get from the research I've done is that they are left on all of the time heating the house and water, which means remote access isn't really required. Would that be a fair assumption?


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    Air to water should be left on 24/7 for our coldest 4 months or so. They take longer to get rooms up to to temperature because they have a lower water temperature. Rads will never be hot as such.

    A lot of people use them incorrectly and treat them as a regular gas /oil heating system. It sounds like your friend might not fully understand how they work. There is no need for a nest or Hive. He can control it with Google Assistant and Alexa, so voice commands or from the app

  • Registered Users Posts: 591 ✭✭✭ Dazzy

    Thanks for the reply.

    The Heat Pump is from a company called Grant. They have confirmed to me that Hive/Nest can only control the heating. I've asked if the system has any "built in" functionality to allow it be administered remotely and they say it does not which would suggest it can't be controlled by Google Assistant/Alexa either.

    For the 8 months that the system is not constantly on, can you turn it on just to heat the water? If so then it seems like remote access would be useful for this.

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    According to page 40 here there is a contact to ‘call’ the hot water.

    in principle this could be used to turn the hot water on and off with a Hive or similar. Someone competent would need to read all the specs and decide how to actually wire this.

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    I have Mitsubishi Ecodan HP and also a small amount of PV. The HP interface is very limited. I can not get info from ESB about the PV generation. Their "Smart Metering" is useless. There is no info transmitted to Home unlike in UK. The only info is 3 day old in a CSV file and it omits the PV exports. The ESB ads promise a revolution in giving the user choices how best to use energy !!. Anyone grappled with this lack of data ?