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Leaving Cert results date 2022

  • 17-05-2022 8:21am
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    I know the date for the leaving cert results has not been finalised for this year but I would be interested in hearing people's ideas on how this might pan out. Do you think LC results day will be delayed until September this year again?

    The reason I'm interested is my daughter has applied to UK colleges for medicine (as well as ROI Colleges) and has received an offer, however in the UK college information they want school exam results by 31st Aug.

    I'm not sure how strict they will be enforcing this it would seem extremely unfair to remove an offer because the LC was not corrected in time, but they have to think about filling their own spaces. Is it fair to expect them to wait for LC results and then maybe a student not meeting the requirements. Bearing in mind A-level results will be out mid August.

    Anyway I know no one can give a defininte answers but what are your feelings at this stage about possible delay to results - likely or unlikely?


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    We were in a similar position last year. My daughter had applied for midwifery through UCAS & CAO and we were concerned that she would lose her place in London whilst we waited for her LC results. We contacted the Uni in London and they agreed to hold her place on the condition she contacted them as soon as got her results. To cut a long story short although she did well in her LC she didn’t get her first choice in Ireland so she went to London, enrolled and moved into halls. A day later didn't she get a 2nd round offer from her first choice here so ended up having to move again back to Ireland!!

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,672 ✭✭✭ joe40

    Thanks a million for your post. Seems to be working out similar this year. We were in contact with the university and they will wait until 7th September for Irish students results, which is very good.

    Could I ask you about accomodation, was your daughter offered an accomodation place in advance of results been available. UK students will get accomodation offers about 18th Aug (when A levels are out) just wondering did you perhaps get a provisional offer for halls at this time also.

    The guaranteed accomodation for 1st is swaying my daughter in favour of England now. Galway ( her other choice) have nothing available and will likely be a 6 year degree.

    Big decision but thanks for your post and I hope your daughter is enjoying her course.

  • Registered Users Posts: 18 MissCivil

    The accommodation was by far the biggest headache! From my understanding first years in the UK are guaranteed on campus accommodation. Having said that we still had to pay a hefty deposit for the London accommodation mid-August even though we didn't have her results. The accommodation company said that without the deposit they couldn't hold the room for her. In the event, as she was only on campus for one night, we did get all of the deposit back but we had to fight our case and it wasn't refunded until November!

    The headache continued upon her return to Ireland. Ironically it is also NUIG where my daughter is studying! We foolishly hadn't applied for any accommodation as she really didn't think she would be offered NUIG. Luckily we only live about 90 minutes away from Galway so she was able to commute but she didn't find this particularly easy and she felt like she missed out on the social side of things. She kept pestering the accommodation people at NUIG and at Christmas she was lucky enough to get campus accommodation so life got much easier for her.

    Roll on to this year and even though she put her name down at the earliest opportunity for on campus accommodation she didn't get it. Luckily she has secured accommodation using one of the off-site accommodation providers but it is a real issue. I have friends who children are hoping to go to NUIG as first years but have no accommodation sorted. I also know of students who deferred last year because they didn't have any. It is ridiculous that decisions are having to be made by students about third level education based on accommodation.

    Best of luck to your daughter. If I can help with anything else let me know. Btw my daughter is loving her course!

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    Thanks for sharing that story, the accomodation issue for students is a major concern.

    I hadn't realized how bad until we started looking earlier this year. Application for corrib village was put in on time but there was no success. The other off campus accomodation filled up very fast so no joy there either.

    My girl got an offer for Bristol an Norwich, probably going for Norwich. It is a campus university. All 1st years guaranteed halls of residence on campus and the cost will between 4000 to 6000 pounds for the year depending on the halls, some more expensive than others. you rank them in order of preference. I hate been critical of my own country but the difference is stark.

    We would prefer she stays in Ireland, but easy accomodation with a real student experience is tempting.

    Anyway glad your daughter is getting on well these things have a way of sorting themselves out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 640 ✭✭✭ raclle

    My daughter also did her LC this year as well. She told me the results are out Sept 2nd. I'm probably more unhappy with how the LC was handled this year than anything else. All students missed a good chunk of school in 5th year due to covid yet somehow minister Foley thought it acceptable to remove predicted grades for this year and have them sit their exams? At least give them a choice.

    In regards to when the results are out to when college starts is not a big enough window. The whole system is skewed and needs to be reviewed. We are also in the middle of a housing crisis so if you're not lucky getting onsite housing, getting accommodation elsewhere is going to be even more difficult.

    Just seen this confirming the date

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