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Water Pipe

  • 16-05-2022 10:10am
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    A mains water pipe runs along an avenue to the farm yard, it supplies a separate property.

    They want access to replace/repair the pipe.

    I have no problem with this but they have been difficult neighbours at times.

    What should I watch out for or get in writing before they commence.


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    How have they been difficult?

    Could be a good opportunity to build some bridges. Agri with neighbours does no good for anyone.

    Are there services for yourself running along there also? Ie water for your farm. Want to make sure they don’t **** that up and leave it.

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    Ah acting like they own the place and have a right of way avenue, just being ignorant.

    I have no problem with the works just want to see what paperwork I should get written up and signed so I have something to cover me if they wreck the place.

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    Where is the "Mains" Water coming from, Irish water?.

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    Yea, I presume so, but they won't be doing the works as it's past the water meter.

    I know the contractor doing the works so I know it'll be done properly.

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    We have one, it's old and owned by IR. There are repairs nearly every year, with a bit of mess left in the field.

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    Yea, I want to get it in writing that everything will be left as it was and all future access will require signed permission.

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    Sounds practical and sensible way of co operating.

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    Sends out a strong signal that no messing will be tolerated.

    You hope the paper will never have to be taken out and checked to see exactly what it says. But having it in place should keep everyone tuned in.

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    Another question on this.

    Should I draft it up myself and get witnessed signing by 2 people or do I need to get a solicitor involved?

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    If they had have any other alternative route, I'd be pointing them in that direction.

    Did you find out who is supplying the water. Private water groups schemes also install and monitor water meters.

    Solicitor all day long for proper advice, he will think long term and point out pitfalls.

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    But who's signing it,contractor is the one the job so he s responsible for it

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    To my mind you want works done properly and safely so that there is no come back to you, I'd also be inclined to formalise the access requirement for maintenance.

    The properly in essence means a good contractor using good materials; on paper it'd need to specify water fittings and pipe in compliance with BS EN xyz.

    On safety I'd be looking for an indemnity from any loss arising from works, before anything happens on site. It there is an accident, you will be sued so you will need that piece of paper then.

    Get farm solicitor to do it and get neighbour to pay.

    This is your one chance to get things formalised as they are in a weak position and will have to play ball. Be nice friendly and fair but above all firm.