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Signed up with eir promotion for €29.99 per month and now saying price increase and money owed..

  • 13-05-2022 2:27pm
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    Last July my mother signed up with eir on a Promotion as a new customer for €29.99 per month.

    When she signed up she had to give them all of her bank details etc. they wouldn't accept revolut - I had helped set it up for her. Gave them all bank details and paid for 'engineer installation' fees, which were IIRC €50.

    When here first bill came in, the Direct Debit didn't go through and she received a text saying that she owed €57.99. She had to ring up, and after a lot of difficulty, she managed to get somebody who agreed it should be €30. - The extra charges were apparently for delay in paying the bill (as DD didn't go through)

    This was repeated every single month, and she told them every single month with difficulty, that she is on €30 per month contract. I had to be there on more than one occasion to make sure that she wasn't saying the wrong thing (eit wouldn't speak to me as my name wasn't on the bill). Every month it was a different bill, €42.99, €37.99, €92.70, €42.87 etc. and every month the Direct Debit hasn't gone through and she has had to ring them and explain to them she is on €30 per month contract. One of the calls got through to somebody in Credit Control who assured her it would be fixed and she would no longer be overcharged, and it will remain €30.

    Last month the bill was €70.69, I was there and I paid the €30 for her manually using her card, I ignored the €40.69.

    This month she has received texts threatening to disconnect unless she pays the outstanding balance, so she rang me. I called in this morning, and she rang eir. Initially she got through to billing, who couldn't help or patch her through to the correct dept. When she got through to the correct dept. she was told she owes €80 something. She tried to explain (poorly) that she has been on to them a load of times already and that she has paid every month to date, but the person at the other end kept saying that there is an outstanding balance, To which she queried as to how, if she has paid the correct amount every month. She couldn't get an answer, so I got on the phone, I was added as a person that could talk to them in March. I was querying the bill and I explained that the contract that she signed up to is €30 per month, and direct debit doesn't work, and the person eventually tells me that the outstanding charge is becuase the price of the promotion went up to €36.99 in August last year. I think the agent only discovered that after my mother had said she was leaving them in July, so no point in setting up DD now (and going through all that again).

    Can they tell her after almost a year, that she should have been paying €36.99 - Can they increase the promotional price of €29.99 per month for 12 months to new customers, up to €36.99?

    Agent said that they can increase it as they wish, and that she was notified, but she says she wasn't, and has been paying €30 every month (after phone calls etc.).


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    I’m on the 29.99 per month deal and it never increased in august. I suggest you send a public tweet about overcharging an old lady. The customer service will write back to you quickly.

    Edit: I signed up in September 2021

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    You need to make an official written complaint and if that is not satisfactory bring your complaint to comreg. Mebtion that you will be complaining to comreg as well. At the very least, if there was a price increase and the notification was missed, you have been on the phone to them every month and were not informed of any increase and allowed to pay the 30/month. That suggests there was no increase.

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    There's a complaint form you can fill in, I got something sorted that way last year, quite efficiently.

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    Eir consistently have had the worst customer service record you can imagine. They simply should not be on anyone's radar as a company to do business with.

    When I was in the south I used Pure Telecom. They'd answer the phone quickly and if there was an issue it was sorted immediately and you did not need a degree in arithmetic to understand their pricing

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    Hi OP

    You can be set up on eir's systems as an "Authorised User" on your mother's account. This will allow you to carry out a lot of day to day actions on her behalf. Details are here:

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    Thanks, I didn't realise there were any replies to this thread. I hadn't seen any notification come in, they must have been pushed further down.

    I have to call into her again tomorrow as they disconnected her at 6pm this evening, it was too late to get through to customer support. 🤬

    I will be talking to them tomorrow, I have been added as a authorised user. God they are ridiculous to deal with.

    I'm not on Twitter, tried once but had issues with verfication process and gave up, so I can't tweet them or publicly.

    As mentioned, the fact that she has been paying €30 per month up to now would make the price increase even less likely. She doesn't want to leave in the middle of a comtract as she is afraid how it will affect her with others. And she was going to pay the €80 something today. I told her not to.

    Thanks for the replies. Hopefully will get it sorted tomorrow. Two more months, and then looking at Vodafone or Pure for her.

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    They are without a shadow of a doubt the worst company I have ever had the mispleasure of dealing with. Absolutely no customer service whatsoever. They tried to tell me that the bill has risen to €37.99 per month, and that they could expunge the late fees (€17). If €40 was paid now, and then the monthly payment of €37.99 on the 27th. The last payment was made on the 27th of April, and she was disconnected last night. They mentioned a few times that they can raise the bill as they wish. My mothers argument was that she was never notified about it, and she has been on the phone to them every month to pay €30 anyway.

    She has paid every single month, missing none. She had to ring up every month to query the incorrect bill as it was always different. It would go up or down. Anyway, the phone call ended with me telling them that there wouldn't be a payment today of €40. They asked me if I wanted to disconnect, I didn't answer, I said she may try another service as this contract was to end in July anyway. The agent then said something that sounded like a threat, about notifying them about disconnecting and "as long as you understand that"...

    How does this company exist.

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