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PV Solar Panels Water Diverter

  • 13-05-2022 2:16pm
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    This is coming from someone who isn't remotely handy so my expectations might have been way off.

    I recently had a small Solar PV setup installed and my major expectation going into it was that anything generated would go into the house.

    The priorities were to be

    • - 1) immediate use (ecar, lights, cooker, appliances ...)
    • - 2) small Battery system (3.6kw)
    • - 3) hot water
    • - 4) the grid (with this option accounting for a small fraction of the power generated, not the 70% the system is reporting).

    1 & 2 are both good. My question comes from step 3. When I included the Water Diverter at the outset I expected that this would be the water on tap, sure, but more importantly would be the water running through the radiators. These Radiators were to be the major ROI / energy sink that i could rely on, however the reality has (very) hot water on tap but nothing going through the radiators.

    Bottom line, Is electrically heating radiator water a thing or was I mistakenly conflating my (our oil fired) central heating with Solar Panels?


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    The diverter heats your cylinder not your hot water system

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    if you ask the mods to move your post over to the renewable you will get more answers lots of knowledgeable guys over there

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    I wonder if there are few answers because the answers are a little obvious?

    No solar is going to provide any of your room heating needs and won't heat your rads. That said I have seen some underfloor heating provided by solar PV.

    Wake me up when it's all over.