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Thermal spotter.

  • 11-05-2022 4:47am
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    Hi all Im new here

    I was just wondering about what people's own experiences with thermal spotters and there opinions on different makes and models was i haven't looked through many other than a few pulsars. I will be using if for spotting foxes sometimes in amongst sheep and lambs. Ive looked at plenty of you tube videos but would like peoples own thought on what they've looked through themselves.


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    Welcome along!

    I have the pulsar Pulsar Axion XQ38 LRF.

    Its great for initially picking things up really quickly and following them. It's a game changer over night vision because anything in a feild will jump out at you.

    I can identify a fox at 100 meters no problem. You can spot things much further out, like over 700 meters.

    A lot of what I do, there'd be no sheep. And so out at them longer distances, I know it's going to be a fox or a badger.

    When I did go to a place with lots of sheep, I struggled to pick out a fox from all the sheep, especially at longer distances.

    But, I use NV on the rifle, so it's not a concern when it's time to pull the trigger.

    Also, over time in that situation, you'd get better at picking out a fox, just by getting to recognise "foxy behaviour", the walk, the mouching around, coming in from different places and just basically how they look through the thermal. Because, you will get used to looking through it for long periods of time, you'll get better and knowing what you're looking at.

    I'm really happy with combination of a thermal spotter and NV on the rifle.

    I started with a tourch, them got NV spotter, then NV on the rifle.

    Thermal picks things up much much better/ quicker than NV or a tourch.

    But for me, NV is better on the rifle.

    2 batterys with mine, so I'd get about 9 or 10 hours constant use, I mean I don't even bother turning it on standby.

    There's a newer version of my one out now, it's supposed to be better and I think it's even cheaper.

    There's also a new hybrid one (not sure which make, but not pulsar), that has both NV and thermal AND a range finder.. Not sure how good it is, but definitely something that would be more functional.

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    Thanks for that Keith. I also have the NV on the rifle I started off with the Pulsar digex N450 then upgraded to a Wraith 4k the Wraith is in a different league but I still have the digex on my 22. I was the same as you I was using the lamp as a spotter to spot the fox then turning it off to turn on the NV and shoot but it qasnt great for what I intentionally got the NV for wich was for lamp shy foxes. I have a lend of a friends axion xm22 at the minute perfect for the job as you can spot the fox then identify and shoot with the NV but i was struggling in feilds with sheep and lambs to tell the difference between lambs and fox and ended up scanning with the Wraith so i was after something a little bit better than the xm22 for identifying.

    Thanks again for the info anyway.

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    I think the new XQ35 is the replacement for mine (XQ38).

    I haven't looked through it, but I think it's supposed to be better.

    It's really hard to tell what they will be like, based on YouTube videos, especially if they are promoting the products.

    The hybrid NV + Thermal + range finder, sounds like a great idea, but don't know anyone with one to compare.

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    Yes the axion 2 xq35 got a price for one today €1950 without the rangefinder €2250 with the lrf there is an xg model with bigger sensor showion pulsars website but this dealer couldn't find it on the delaer website do you find youself using your rangefinder on yours most of the feilds id be in id no the land and the 204 is that flat shooting it wouldn't matter. A set of accolade pro 2s would be the dream but the buget doesn't allow and also the axion i have a lend of is a grand tidy little yoke and handy not bulky.

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    I'm using the XQ38 and it is amazing. Had an Axion30 before that and the difference is massive - better lenses and much better zoom( less pixelation)

    Heard that the XQ35 is better again.

    I use an external rangefinder (LE032) on the rifle and find it superb when a fox is moving, so you always know the range.

    Must admit that the issue of foxes or badgers in amongst sheep can only be solved with practice and good NV.

    I bought mine here and delivery took a week

    PULSAR Axion 2 XQ35 |

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    Thanks for that vizzy did you get caught for customs when it arrived looking at the axion 2 xq35 probably will go for 1 now just have to decide if ill go for the rangfinder or not

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    Nope, cos its coming from Germany. I think that shipping was about €15.

    I noticed that the xq35 is out of stock at the mo, but you could email them and ask when they expect to have them back in stock.

    Worth waiting with the price difference and the fact that the fox "season" is nearly finished.

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    I'd say, I use the range finder a bit and then sometimes not at all.

    I'm not great at judging distances at the best of time, and at night time (looking through thermal or NV some magnification in the mix...), I'd be lost.

    In some cases I'd be on the same land over and over and on some of these, there might be only 1 or 2 spots where a shot can be taken, so you'd already know what distance you need to be at..

    But, I'd prefer to have a range finder than not, and so it's good that it's part of the spotter and not ANOTHER device to carry.

    If pulsar bring out something that is compatible with the C50, I'd definitely get one of those too :)

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    Spose for the extra few hundred it would be handy to have the built in LRF as you say one less yoke to carry.

    You mention the C50 keith have you looked through one yet Im thinking of selling my N450 and buying the C50 as the N450 is I wont say useless but almost in the daytime. The Wraith is good in daytime mode but i like the conventional look of the Digexes and the layout of the buttons and menu im more used too in the Digex

  • Registered Users Posts: 187 ✭✭ keith s

    Yeah, I have the C50 and really happy with it. I'd used add-ons for a long time.

    But, I had the Pard 07, a DIY jobby with screen and even a good quality NVUK one, but for various different reasons, I just got fed up with them.

    I love the idea of not having to remove a dedicated night scope for day scope and rezero each time. But I was never really confident with the idea of any of the dedicated NV scopes, until I seen through my mates ATN 4k in the day and night and was like... These are actually decent quality now.

    Soon after that I seen the pulsar was going to be released and I had the pulsar spotter already, so wanted to stay with them for the scope.

    I'm very happy with it, but I will say, you won't be using it for any target shooting, you just don't get the picture perfect view to nail the bullseye. However, it would be perfectly fine for hunting days or night.

    Where you based, if you want to have a look through the thermal and / C50, let me know, send me a pm of you want.

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    Im in wexford keith thanks for the offer . The wraith i have is the same you wouldn't be going target shooting with it but perfect for hunting in the day id like the C50 for the same reasons as you point out mind you i have a picatinny rail on the 22 and twice now have swapped day for night sopes and both have been bang on the two times i swapped them but still the C50 would mean there would be no need to swap as much id still have the 8-32 for the odd bit of target shooting i do do.