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National Cycle Network - Public Consultation

  • 04-05-2022 1:39pm
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    Published today, worth having a look at. Plan is to link up towns over 5,000 with each other through a mix of infrastructure. Worth making a submission on because those opposed to cycling infrastructure definitely will.

    The National Cycle Network (NCN) (


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    i would guess it's to be able to point to a body of support for this. when they're asked 'prove that people want it'.

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    Yeah exactly this.

    I'd encourage everyone to fill this out. Even if you don't pay much attention to the content, just saying that you support a National Cycle Network would be beneficial given how these things work.

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    The free comment area is where the best input can be given IMO, the questions are all a bit generic but worth inputting all the same.

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    Filled it in as well. Survey and map are a very meh. Even in the more detailed maps down in the report appendix, it's next to impossible to figure out what route the corridors actually take. The accompanying report is to my eyes entirely an environmental impact assessment, but nowhere in the whole thing do I see any assessment of gradients involved with the corridors, which would think to be a critical aspect to getting people to use it.

    Agreed though that the more positive responses go in the better

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    I'm not saying don't support it, I'm just tired of the endless consultations on every piece of active travel infrastructure when there's a large body of evidence to support building them. It just gives opportunities for backlash.

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    i wonder why the galway to clifden road doesn't warrant a eurovelo route all the way? it takes a weird dive south at what seems to be oughterard and doesn't seem to rejoin the N59 till you're nearly at clifden.

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    The NCN will guide the development of cycle infrastructure in Ireland over the coming years. The NCN itself will be delivered via a series of rolling, five-year phases by local authorities based on a range of criteria including:


    An initial assessment will identify corridors to be delivered in each implementation phase. The assessment will be verified through consultation with local authorities to confirm deliverability of the various routes within the timeframes outlined. The first implementation phase will run from 2023-2025. Subsequent phases will run every five years – starting in 2026-2030.

    Judging by this, it will be an awfully long time before it's implemented at all. There is also no mention from what I can see of maintaining the thing once it is in place. I'm super happy to hear of the plan I just wish they had a faster timeline. I guess I will believe it when I see it.

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    Eurovelo 1 usually tends to hug the coast and take the scenic route. You can see it here In the case of Connemara it meanders along the coast as far a Ros an Mhil, then heads NE toweards Oughterard and off on backroads towards Lough Corrib. The N59 wouldn't be all that pleasant to cycle on, and the same goes for the main road out through Spiddal. I haven't been on it in a very long time and it was busy then, I can only imagine what it's like now.

    Similarly down in Waterford, it uses the greenway from Dungarvan to Waterford, then goes out to Tramore and hugs the (extremely lumpy) coast over to the Passage East ferry, and from there pretty much hugs Wexford coast to Rosslare. I wonder if the Waterford/New Ross greenway will have any effect on this? I expect not, though I'd imagine if the Waterford/Rosslare greenway get past the NIMBY and after the fact rail enthusiasts (OK, it would make sense to maintain this given the infrastructure is there though as a freight service IMHO) that may take precedence. It would be a bit of a shame as, barring the few nastily busy R roads, the roads down there are lovely

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    the reason i asked was last time i was out that road (several years ago, to be fair) there were signs along it calling for a eurovelo route on it. not sure if that was the locals wanting cycle traffic removed from the road though.

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    I just had a look at Google maps, and believe it or not just before Oughterard represents the first left turn that will get you beyond the long straight section of the R336 (Spiddal road), that would explain the routing. Who knows with regard to the sign - I'd say your could well be right, out of necessity, it looks like EV1 does follow the N59 in a couple of places

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    Map seems to be missing greenway section between Drogheda and Mornington, which was up for consultation recently.