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2022 Irish Housing Situation Thread

  • 03-05-2022 11:41pm
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    I think it would be a good thing to be able discuss the overall housing situation in Ireland, seeing as this is the accommodation and property section.

    Please note that there are no limitations on the discussion. This isn't the "select elements of the housing situation" thread.

    Free discussion. What are the thoughts on vulture funds? Building buy-to-lets? The impact of immigration? Multinational corporations and their impact on the housing market? Government policies? The allocation of social housing, need more, less? HAP scheme, sufficient, insufficient, or bad idea? 2022 is the year to buy, wait, rent, emigrate? Zoning? Infrastructure?

    Lots to talk about and I look forward to honest discussion on where we are headed.

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    Here's an interesting topic to start. Last September there was a non-binding vote by people in Berlin to expropriate housing from mega landlords. It passed, with an overwhelming majority, and now it's being kicked around between various worried politicians.

    Are the people right? Should single entities hold hundreds of thousands of apartments in seeking rent increases?

    Does this have any bearing on the Irish market? What if Berlin reappropriated, would we follow suit? Are buy-to-let's and build-lo-let's what Irish people want to see here? Do you want to see less of it?

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    I am recently married with a baby on the way. I work a good job and so does my husband. We have saved relentlessly over the last no. of years to save a deposit and buy our own home. Now we cannot get any 3 bed around Dublin under €600k. Property is going way above asking and it feels like all the properties I like are already sale agreed or else are already in a bidding war. I am so stressed about having this baby in a tiny house (my husband is full time remote worker, so theres going to be no space!).

    We have already had to move twice the past two years due to our landlords selling up.

    We are wasting serious money on rent (€2k a month) but the top of the housing ladder has got so high I cant see us being able to buy now... what should we do? What in gods name is going on in this city?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 58 ✭✭ pancratic

    You can't find anything under €600k??

    Surely that's a typo?

    Rest assured, as little consolation as it is, there are people left, right and centre stuck in your situation, and much worse besides.

    It's frankly bonkers what has been allowed happen to the likes of Dublin. Not to mention it is spreading across the country like wildfire.

    What can you do? This is the repeating question on the lips of, in my opinion, a rapidly growing amount of Irish people.

    It's one of the reasons I started this thread at all, to have a genuinely open conversation about all aspects of housing. I do think that there has been a concerted effort until now to control narratives on housing, to only allow certain ideas be discussed, and of course, it has simply exacerbated the situation.

    "Let's solve this problem by ignoring 47% of it's makeup." Not clever.

    You hear your story, then contrast it against the Ukrainian refugee situation. How could they have possibly thought we could accommodate any people extra, never mind who they are (and God's speed to them). Again, small consolation, but I personally believe change is on the way. It's inevitable at this point.

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    No - you don't get to just open another thread to breach mod instructions in.

    You also aren't a mod and cannot attempt to set rules for a thread

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