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House water filter system

  • 01-05-2022 10:03pm
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    So we got a full new pump and filtration system added at Christmas time. Neighbours did too at same time with same plumber. Our wells are quite close. However, our filter is filthy after 4 months, while theres is completely clear. This is getting me a bit worried that there is an issue with you well? Would that be the case or is it anything to worry about. The filter would be in an area similar to greenhouse, so I'm not sure if heat would have an issue. Included is a picture of ours and the neighbours. I've changed the filter today but I'm now worried about our water, particularly with kids in the house.


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    What do you expect of the filter? Its only a sediment filter and will only remover relatively large particles. No chance it will remove anything living in your water. That sort of filter would prevent sand and silt.

    Your problem seems to be that your filter gets warm and is probably in the light but I doubt there is anything wrong with the water. Cover the filter over so its in the dark and the green won't appear again.

    Do both have a UV filter, looks like it, in which case that should deal with anything living in the water that shouldn't be there.

    Can't remember how those filters mount think they can be mounted either way around but might be worth checking if the UV filter on one system is before the filter and on the other one after. imo should be after the filter.

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    Thanks for the response. Yes there is a UV element to it as well. I'm fairly sure the UV is after the filter. I might get a box to cover over the filter.