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New job location

  • 28-04-2022 2:29pm
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    Currently on contract. Have a few weeks left on contract. Looking for new work to line up. Almost guaranteed a job elsewhere but location wise it is not the best. After work and travel to and from work, it leaves 9 hours of free time. I need 9 hours of sleep. So not much time for showering and getting ready for work. Don't have a car and public transport isn't the best. There will be opportunities elsewhere that would probably be easier location wise. Would you take a job like this since it is practically guaranteed right now?


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    so your looking at an 8 hour work days with 5 hours of commuting time.

    There is no way in the world this is sustainable ... all it would take is one hiccup in traffic, delay or missing a connection to turn that from 5 hours to 6/7 hours commuting time.

    Either look for something more local or is there any option for a remote / hybrid approach

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    If you can see things improving like you getting a car or the wages being say 25-30% more I'd consider it, otherwise no. Nothing worse than feeling like your entire week consists of just being in and going to and from work.

    That said you have nothing to lose if it's just a few weeks left on the contract, you are not leaving a longterm job and taking a massive gamble, perhaps continue looking for something else in the meantime.

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    12 hour working day. 1 hour walking. 45 minutes on public transport but public transport is only an option for one direction. Then taxi for getting home. So best part of 15 hours of the day working and getting to and from.

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    I thought about this some more. I don't have a car and pay is the same as what I am on now. But travel to and from work will be hard. Public transport for a morning shift isn't available and public transport for finishing an evening shift isn't available either. So it's back breaking spending all day in work and travelling to and from.

    How do I kindly turn down this job?

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    How do I kindly turn down this job?

    You just explain that you can't make the logistics work. Why does it need to be more complicated than the truth?

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    If you think you would take it with a pay rise go back to them and say you appreciate the offer but at the moment for you to make the switch you would need a higher starting salary and state the amount. Now only do this if you would move for more money. In the times we are in a company may bump up salary to fill positions.