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Road Traffic Accident (RTA) charges

  • 21-04-2022 5:17pm
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    My brother was a victim of a hit and run about six months ago. He was not driving at the time, and thus was not covered by motor insurance. He also does not have health insurance. His injuries were thankfully not life-changing, but he spent some time in hospital and required an operation to regain the normal use of a leg. His recovery is still ongoing, but we are as optimistic as can be expected following such an event.

    A little while following his discharge he received a letter in the post from the hospital which provided the treatment demanding payment of circa €10,000 as he was admitted to hospital following a road traffic accident. The letter suggested that he reclaim the costs either from his own insurance company or the other party's insurance company. He has discussed this with the hospital administrators, and explained that the other party has not been identified (it was a hit and run after all). The Finance administrator he spoke to was sympathetic but explained that this was a condition imposed by the government and was "the law of the land". As he has a claim against the other party, the hospital has a responsibility to have the costs reimbursed.

    My brother does not have €10,000 lying around to pay this kind of charge, and so it has gone unpaid. A month ago he received a letter from a debt collection agency, demanding payment. He called the agency and explained, again, that this was a hit and run incident and that unless and until the Gardaí identify the party responsible, there is no prospect of him getting any compensation. The debt collector said that they would review his case and let him know what the outcome was. Then on Monday he received a call from a UK phone number demanding payment of the debt.

    I told my brother to raise this with his local TD or go on Joe Duffy, but he is reluctant to seek that kind of publicity. He says that this is all a huge misunderstanding, and that he doesn't have anything to worry about - but I can tell he is worried. Aside from that, is there anything we can do - against the hospital or the debt collector - to stop this? We don't want this derailing his recovery.

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    Has anyone your brother has dealt with suggested claiming through MIBI?

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    Tell the hospital to sign for it.

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    MIBI is the first thing the Garda would/should have told your brother about.

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    Scummy carry-on from the hospital all the same to go straight to debt collectors, even if this was a straightforward case with a known, insured, driver it could take years to settle (and it wouldn't be in an injured party's interest to settle until the longer term implications of their injuries, if any, are known)

    Fingal County Council are certainly not competent to be making decisions about the most important piece of infrastructure on the island. They need to stick to badly designed cycle lanes and deciding on whether Mrs Murphy can have her kitchen extension.

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    Yeah I was blown away by it tbh - it's incredibly aggressive behaviour on their part. This is why I wanted him to go on Joe Duffy tbh.

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    Looks like the OP isn't the only one getting these letters.

    Seems to be a very piss-poor HSE management of collecting overdue charges on a huge scale with alot of the hospitals! - 3rd & 4th Aug '24 (Tickets on sale now!)

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    Talked to my brother this morning and he's going to get a solicitor and see about making a claim to the MIBI as suggested above. I understand that he probably should have done this a lot sooner, but he's had a lot going in his life (and the accident hasn't helped there at all).

    I'm not surprised that €20.5m relating to "unpaid charges arising from road traffic accidents" is outstanding. It's ridiculous that these fees are charged to patients, when an additional tax on motor insurers would achieve the same result. A lot of these people, including my brother, experience serious (and even life-changing) injuries so it's unedifying that a state-funded health service would pursue them for charges like this. This is a horror story you hear about in America, and shouldn't be what we're going for with our health service.

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    Not sure if there are any Politics mods around, but this thread is clearly not politics-related

    The individual is seeking the advice of a solicitor, which seems the best course of action

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