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Google Wifi speeds drop at night

  • 21-04-2022 3:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,455 ✭✭✭ magic_murph

    Set up:

    Eir gigabit fiber - Google wifi router plugged into Eir router and 2 other nest devices placed around the house.

    In the evening about 9ish the speeds I get, only one room away from the main google router, are poor. (TV room is about 15-20 feet away from room router is in)

    During the day when in the TV room I would get about 200-300mb (connecting to the google router)

    in the evening this drops down to about 20-30mb but if I test the speeds with an ethernet cable to the main Eir rourter the speeds are as expected at about 900mb so no issue with the service coming from Eir. The problem seems to be the Google wifi router.

    I have Wifi turned off on the Eir router as not needed.

    Has anybody experienced this before or have any suggestions?


  • Registered Users Posts: 3,623 ✭✭✭ spaceHopper

    See what other device could be out of range on the TV room but still transmitting constantly on the wifi causing collisions

  • Registered Users Posts: 141 ✭✭ DeconSheridan

    My experience with TVs and wifi is that if at all possible run cat6 ethernet cable from router to the TV and do not use the wifi. The wifi cards on TVs/Rokus are not that great and if the device is not in same room the signal strength will suffer due to attenuation from wifi passing through walls and free space signal loss from distance from the source router. Other things to consider, if the cards in the TVs are older tech such as 2.4Ghz wifi only a 54Mbps max is only possible but would be less in reality, Or a 100Mbps ethernet card in the TV then no matter what you do the device will have upper bounds limits of what it can process in terms of bits per second. To me your throughput of 20 - 30 Mbps seems normal for a TV receiving on the 2.4Ghz wifi band not being in the same room as the source wifi device.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,897 ✭✭✭ BailMeOut

    If you have an Android install WifiMan and do a Wifi survey when it happens. Most useful features are blocked by iPhone so needs to be an Android but it will probably help decipher what's going on and you should make sure you do not have any device connecting at anything more than -67 dBm but ideally better than this. Rebooting your APs when you have issues might also help as they will switch to less congested channels.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,455 ✭✭✭ magic_murph


    The TV isn't the issues. I have done the speed tests on my phone, sitting on the same couch I get 200-300mb during the day and around 8:30 in the evening, every evening, speeds drop to 20-30 without fail.

    There are no new devices added in the evening, the speeds coming into the house, to the Eir router, remain the same, so all fingers point to the Google Wifi hub.

  • Registered Users Posts: 141 ✭✭ DeconSheridan

    Had same issues with 'Three Mobile' it had to be bottleneck congestion on their end.. There customer services will give you a headache.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 445 ✭✭ Sonic the Shaghog

    The only thing is he's tried an Ethernet cable to the eir router and got 900MB while the google one is only giving 30mb at the time so isn't congestion

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,455 ✭✭✭ magic_murph


    I have gone through the Eir router settings but can't find anything around Ethernet Port Aggregation.

    I have tested this drop off a number of times and all with the same result and all around the same time every evening. I think I'll just get onto google support to see if they can advise.

    Its not a big deal just a pain

  • Registered Users Posts: 445 ✭✭ Sonic the Shaghog

    As far as I know that setting is in the google router

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,455 ✭✭✭ magic_murph

    Thanks - I've had a look through the google router settings but nothing about Ethernet Port Aggregation.

    I have a support ticket open with google so will see what they come back with.

    I can easily work around that but that fact the speeds drop around the same time every day would point to something happening causing that drop.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 141 ✭✭ DeconSheridan

    Yea, the general point was that because of the throughput restrictions in the 2.4Ghz band devices that can only avail of that band only may not be able to utilize all the bandwidth available from WAN. Also if the Google wifi router is wifi dual band (5Ghz/2.4GHZ) and devices are dual band capable, then devices may not be in the sweet spot to access 5Ghz all the time and be flapping back and forward between the two bands 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, which would lead to massive inconsistencies in throughput readings possibly interference from a neighbor's wifi being switched on at that time who knows. If the throughput drop is seen using ethernet from a pc directly to the router at that time also then it could point to a possible internet congestion issue also but maybe not if it is stable. These things are never just black and white and always change. You have to keep an open mind as to what might be the issue.

    *Download a the android/ios app for wifi analyser and see what wifi channels are overlapping or not then repeat the test in the evening when it occurs