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Electric Scooter Recommendations

  • 20-04-2022 11:16pm
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    Hi all,

    I originally posted this in Commuting but got no responses, so trying in here instead...

    Plan on getting an electric scooter to get to the train station as part of my commute, once the legislation is passed later in the year. Its about 4km to the station.

    Any electric scooter recommendations?


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    there's not usually much scooter talk here. plus, i believe the legislation has been delayed till next year,

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    I wouldn't be waiting until legislation is passed, that horse has already bolted in terms of scooters being here to stay. If you need one have at it. Can't help with the selection though.

    EDIT: There's a lad I see near me on one with a seat, looks more like the Honda 50 of our times if I'd a choice of falling off of that vs a standy uppy one I'd pick the seated one.

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    To be honest, I've only including the legislation caveat to help ward off the 'they're not legislated for / they need tax and insurance / garda will stop you' off topic arguments that seemed to pollute other similar threads! 😅

    But I really am holding out for the legislation 😐

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    The Xiaomi M365 seems to be the most common/popular one since it has proper air filled tires and they have a relatively decent range.

    The Segway Ninebot as well, similar battery and range but with 10 inch tires, but a solid 5kg or so heavier which makes a difference if you're lugging it around the train station.

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    Posted on wrong thread.

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    Have done some research and yeah, the m365 seems to be the most popular one alright.

    The smaller Xiaomi s1 at 12.5kg looks to be more suitable for my needs.

    An alternative is the Aovo Pro - slightly larger battery, but also weighs 12.5kg. Think the Aovo is a Chinese copycat of the Xiaomi but does come with very good reviews.

    Just trying to decide now whether to go with solid or inflatable tires. I think solid makes more sense even if the ride will be a bit bumpier.

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    I’d advise against solid tires tbh, it’s a really unpleasant experience, especially on Irish roads. Yes you don’t have to worry about punctures, but the trade off in comfort isn’t worth it.

    Might be worth trying to find a place that has a couple models to test them out for yourself.

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    Interesting - that's good to know. Nice one.

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    I've the Segway Ninebot. About a 5km commute to work including town roads and a park. I would recommend it. Very solid, well built and the 10" pneumatic tyres dampens a lot of the road buzz. Yes it is heavy but feels built to last

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    Have you ever had any punctures? Would you consider that model too bulky to fold up and bring on the train?

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    Not yet - mind you I've only had a handful of trips. The handle bars do fold down and connect to the bottom of the scooter making it easy to pick up. Once the train is not packed it will be fine for bring on board. I imagine a rush hour commuter train it might be a pain.

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    Which one did you go with, I have similar criteria 5km off the train to the office

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    As the man who gets handed them to fix punctures, I 200% advocate for solid tyres.

    Trust me, you will be universally despised for bringing one to a bike shop with a flat.

    And charged accordingly.

    Or so I'm told...

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    I went with the Segway ninebot E25E. I find it very good. The top speed seems to be maxed out at 20 kph rather than the 25 kph advertised. I've one short, steep hill on the route and it does labour a little bit on this, with the speed reducing back to 10/12 kph (I'm 60kg, and the backpack is about 10kg I'd say).

    The solid tyres are fine - you do feel the bumps and there can be quite a shake on rough tarmac so ideally you'd be on smooth tarmac or a pavement. I think avoiding the hassle of a puncture makes it worth it though.

    I don't think the advertised max distance of 25 km is achievable. I haven't depleted the battery fully on any single trip yet but I think you'd be doing well to get 15km on a single charge.

    It weighs 14kg which is very manageable but you wouldn't be throwing it around the place either!😀

    Hope this helps.

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    No real value in the E2X series of Ninebot scooters - the Ninebot Max G30 is the only decent Segway for practical use unless your need is very limited.

    E25s are more expensive than models from Xiaomi higher up the ratings ladder. Max speed of 20kph will frustrate you, and a range of 15kms at that 20kph setting will really frustrate you!!

    Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 is a good middle-order batsman in this field (successor to the M365 Pro, itself a successor to the M365). Max range quoted as 45kms but real world range circa 25kms in Sport mode (25km/h) for a 90kg pilot. 14.2kgs and folds reasonably neat.

    8hr charging, which is a pain though.

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    Just in case it's still of use - I have an M365 and I love it, it's been described as the Toyota Corolla of scooters. It's simple, nearly indestructible, and parts, tutorials and aftermarket upgrades are extremely easy to get hold of. Whatever is the most recent/upgraded version of that will be what I get next time.

    I'd definitely go for inflatable tyres though. I've tried both and the solid ones are just painful on Irish roads.

    Order some spare tubes - pretty cheap on ali express, or there are a few bike shops around that stock them - and keep them on standby. Get a set of long handled tyre spoons, fire up Professor Youtube and it's pretty straightforward to change them. The front is more complicated than the back because of the motor but nothing you can't do with basic tools, and for some reason the back was the only one that ever seemed to pick up tacks or whatever.

    I would strongly suggest treating yourself to a rechargeable pump and using it to keep the tyres topped up though, it makes a big difference. I commuted down the South Circular broken glass lane for two years or so and honestly punctures aren't that common if the tyre pressure is kept in order and you keep an eye on the surface ahead of you.

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    Just a quick update. Max speed is in fact 25kph. I just didn't have the correct setting on! 😅

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    I got a Doc Green one in Lidl couple of years ago... been working solidly ever since. Cheap too at around €250 and ultra-portable. Folds smaller then most of the others on the market.

    Range isn't fantastic though. About 5-6km max after 2 years.

    Perfect for popping up to the shops though, rather than driving and having to sort parking or cycling up and getting the bike nicked.

    Can get from home, into shop (carry the scooter in by my side), buy the stuff I need, and back to house roundtrip in about 15 mins with no need to change clothes or get sweaty.

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    Any recommended scooters for someone that is only going to do 6/7 km per day? Would need to be handy to fold up and bring into an office.


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    I have been pondering getting an escooter for a while.

    A lot of the cheaper ones tend to be not fully waterproof and the tyres puncturing can be an issue.

    I came across this one online.

    Full suspension, waterproof and inflatable puncture proof tyres.

    Does anyone have one?

    Only issue is she seems to be heavy at 18kgs.

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    I would say that 14-15kg is big enough for what you need. The segway e25e (14.5kg) that I have is manageable and fits well in luggage area on the train or on top of the luggage area on Dublin bus. Any bigger and it would be quite unwieldly.

    Also, you can really only use one arm to lift it (holding it with two arms would destroy your clothes with the dirt and muck off it) so unless you're a large, strong man 14-15 kg is heavy enough.

    I do similar mileage to yourself at about 10k per day and the e25e does the trick. It doesn't have suspension and the wheels are solid rubber so the ride is a bit bumpy - doesn't bother me and for 6/7 km per day probably wouldn't bother you either.

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    I bought online with Stapeltons Electronics. They were the cheapest I could find at the time at 400 euro.

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    Looking for a scooter with a seat for occasional use. Want it foldable to carry in car