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never mind

  • 20-04-2022 6:51am
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    Seems like no one has an answer to thrma question I have and it's alot to sit through opinions that don't answer my main question.

    Thanks all

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    What lie did he have to tell? What lie did he ask you to tell?

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    Thanks all.

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    Are you sure it’s a lie?

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    Lol, that's why I am here. He got angry that I was thinking along those lines. Now that the tests are negative, I want to find out from doctors if they really have to test every 3 months and how they are expected to test if true.

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    In general it is a bad idea to lie about your medical history. This could cause confusion and problems if, later on, your treatment is affected by incorrect information in your medical record that you supplied.

    If this is routine screening, and not a response to exposure, there is no particular need to "get the tests faster". You can book them as far in advance as you like, so when you attend for each test you can book the next one for three months later. Or, you can get home testing kits (for free) so you can administer the test yourself whenever is convenient for you.

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    You've just started seeing him and already have reservations about his character.

    Why are you still with him

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    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

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    So you expected your question to be answered within 2 hours? Probably not the right forum, OP.

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    Not expecting a reply in 2 hrs. My question was clear but I am getting opinions that put me in a worse mental State. If I didn't find the thing questionable, I won't be here asking. People asking me what I am still doing with him. Giving me moral advise and all.

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    If you don't want people's opinions then you're in the wrong place.

    We are not responsible for your mental state, only you have control of that.

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    Mod Note

    OP, I can't see what your opening post/question was, but Personal Issues is an advice forum for posters looking for help resolving a problem they are experiencing.

    If there's a specific question you want a direct answer to you might want to take a look at other areas of boards that might be more appropriate.

    As you are not looking for advice, I'll close the thread there.



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