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Petrol Generator Guide

  • 20-04-2022 12:06am
    Registered Users Posts: 28 AgnesCalhoun1

    I'm looking for advice on what size generator I would need. I am self building a house and while getting all of the professional blocklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc. to complete their line of work in the house there are a number of odd tasks that we will be completing ourselves that require a power source which we do not have available on site yet so I am looking at buying a generator. I'm bamboozled by the ads I see online displaying different makes, models, amps, watts, kVa etc. Could somebody advise on what I should be looking out for in terms of a portable petrol generator that would be sufficient at running 110 and 230 power tools. It will be used for powering everything from lights, hoovers, wall chasers, water pump, kangos, skill saw, mitre saw, angle grinders etc. Thanks


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    7.5 KVA minimum a loncin 8000 will do the job

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    Won't power all at same time and not an electric shower as they are usually 9.5kva

  • Moderators, Motoring & Transport Moderators Posts: 6,417 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Irish Steve

    petrol will not be a good option long term, as there can be issues with carburettor becoming gummed up, and other similar problems if it's not used for a while, diesel will be a lot less hassle, and also not as problematic with fuel degradation over time. Anything over 5 Kva is a lot cheaper to run with diesel, and if you choose the right type, they're usually quieter than the equivalent petrol, partly because the diesel tends to be 1500 rpm, the petrol 3000 rpm. I'd also recommend getting one with electric start if possible, albeit that you do have to make sure that the battery is kept charged between uses.

    With the way things will go over the next while, I'd be tempted to get something that can run most of the house for the long term, as there's no telling how reliable grid electric is going to be, and no certainty that any other power source will be there to provide back up.

    Shore, if it was easy, everybody would be doin it.😁

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    I know what u mean. Ihave been busy converting one to run off a dhrum of gas. Though cleaning out a carb isn't the hardest job

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    petrol not an issue if you use Briggs and Stratton fuel fit aditive, stops the fuel going off for 3 years

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