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your favourite cycling related story or anecdote

  • 17-04-2022 9:27pm
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    be it funny, macabre, or just demonstrating the milk of human kindness.

    i've told this one here before but can't find it now, but about five years ago i was on the way home from work at dusk, and hit a pothole and punctured under the bridge on east wall road. i flipped the bike over, and was making decent progress replacing the tube - i had the new one in and was just starting to pull the second bead back on, when a woman walked past, did a double take, and approached me with a smile on her face. she was rummaging in her bag, and pulled out a puncture repair kit and offered it to me. i started to explain i was fine, and thank you, etc.; she was quite insistent but i had to explain to her that i was already well sorted, that i didn't need a puncture repair kit, that i just used a spare tube and was nearly sorted; english wasn't her first language so it was a bit more involved trying to impart this information. anway, she was crestfallen. she'd probably been carrying that puncture repair kit around for ages and thought her chance had finally come.

    maybe it was just her way of meeting men, i've just copped that now...


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    Right, I'll give this a shot.

    The Barrow line offshoot of the Grand Canal runs through my home town, and the road beside it was my route for cycling home from school. There are no street lights on this road

    I was cycling home after supervised study one winter's evening, with a flask of soup I had made in Home Ec earlier that day.

    All of a sudden, a guy in a black leather jacket and black jeans was walking on the left side of the road, heading the same direction as me. I didn't have time to stop or swerve, so I hit him square with the bike.

    As I came off this bike, the only thought I had was for the soup in my school bag. The fella and my bike landed in s tangle on the ground. I landed...on my feet. It was the only time I ever did for all the spills I took

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,080 ✭✭✭ cletus

    I've been trying to think of other stories about cycling. They all seem to revolve around me falling off the bike. Like the first time I learned some front wheels were uni directional...while crossing the road on the bike. The front hub literally collapsed in on itself, and I went out over the handlebars

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    Another one from when I was at school I was maybe 15, passing the entrance to a primary school on the way, bike went from under me and I ended up on my arse legs in front me skidding down the road with a bus behind me and the bike in the thankfully empty oncoming lane. Diesel maybe on a wet road , I've no memory or it hurting of it even phasing me. The arse of my pants was intact I'd say due to the wet road. I picked up the bike and hopped back on and I remember the bus driver opening the the door on the way by to shout out and ask if I was ok. I distinctly remember thinking to my self did that just happen, the chain didn't even come off. 😁

    I even remember the shoes I was wearing, blue and grey Sketchers. They actually made nice shoes back then!!!!!

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