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Why did they release the Franklin and Lamar dlc as multiplayer

  • 17-04-2022 4:31pm
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    The title says it. Its clearly was single player dlc but they just wanted to put it in the boring online mode.

    The reason I am saying this as well is because I don't really play games anymore. I find most of them boring. I only like story mode games. And this dlc for multiplayer would have been a great update to the story in single player. I cant be asked doing some boring grind just to buy all those **** buildings that do nothing except give me access to the dlc.


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    GTA online makes them waaaaaay too much money for them to be arsed with single player. Wouldn't surprise me if they never release a traditional single player GTA like we're used to again.

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    There's no money in single player story mode, I'd say the next gta will just be an online version. I think the biggest problem with Rockstar is Take-Two

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    I think they've already announced the next GTA will still have a single player story mode. As much as online makes them, they're not going to want to discard the people who don't like online, plus they'll need time to balance the online, especially with the rough launches GTA and RDR2 Online had. They'll have a single player mode to get the initial sales and stuff, and then just focus on Online for another 8 years.

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    That's a naïve way of putting it. The single player is the trojan horse to get people to try the online mode and then milk them dry.

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    The single player isn't selling this game 9 years after it's release.

    Going by the Xbox achievements which unlike the PSN ones are publicly available rather than player submitted through 3rd party sites, there's more getting to rank 100 than finishing the first mission in single player.

    There's 3 short bonus missions that could be said to have fit into the single player with you playing as Lamar or Franklin, the rest of the DLC is normal GTA online short form heist missions with a few new ingame features for cars and weapons.

    If someone wanted to try those they don't even have to do any of the other or stuff spend any in game money or do anything other than use the matchmaking to join it.

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    No I agree, that's mostly my point. They'll absolutely have a single player mode because a lot of people don't play the online modes, but if they can bring even just a small percentage of them into the Online modes then it'll be worth it for them. Plus they'll want the kudos and positive reception to their single player mode/story in order to get more people to buy the game, but also in the hopes some of them will then play online.

    Lots of sales and positive reception encourages more people to try the game, and some of them may become online players, and then Rockstar milk them dry. If others don't play the online modes, they'll still have bought the game for the single player anyway.

    That's why they'll definitely have a single player story and will put decent effort into it. Ultimately, it acts as an ad/hook to get even just some of them into the next version of GTA Online.