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Heating options for home gym/garage

  • 13-04-2022 3:53pm
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    I'm in the process of building a new 2 storey garage, incorporating a home office and a gym. It's detached from the main house which is on mains gas for heating. It's not easy to run a gas line over to the garage, so I was wondering what the best option would be? Size will be around 100m2 (5m x 10m footprint)

    Options as I see them are:

    1. Pure electric - probably be expensive
    2. Gas boiler - will have to dig a trench and run about 50m of gas pipe across lawn and hardscaping
    3. Heat pump - don't know how suitable this would be
    4. Solid fuel option?

    Any suggestions gratefully received!


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    Though if building from scratch it would be possibly to bring it to a standard suitable for heat pump.

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    Would prefer not to go the oil route, the garage is in an awkward place to run a pipe to and the price of oil is only going to go one way. I am thinking heat pump as I intend have it well insulated. Perhaps a small one would be suitable?

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    In this day-in-age, if there is a gas supply locally then there is very little justification in suggesting oil?

    You're going to want (almost) instantaneous heat for an occasional room, so - in my opinion - a mini-split heat pump (think wall-mounted AC unit)... or drag that gas line over.

    And you could suppliment that with IR panels to achieve a targeted heating solution while the HP gets up to speed.

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    The gym and garage will be on the bottom floor, the home office on the top. I want to have a shower in there too (so I can use the home office as a guest bedroom if required) so I'll need a water tank heating solution. The gym/garage doesn't need to be too warm. Maybe heat pump plus underfloor?

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    Storage heating?

    It will be a great day when salad box ryan and the crazy gang are no more.

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